The best films about American presidents that reveal many secrets

The best films about American presidents that reveal many secrets


Each presidential inauguration in the United States attracts everybody’s attention and rivets millions of people around the world to televisions. They watch how the American government changes, who comes to office and how the new successor changes America’s policy. After all, for many decades it has been affecting the whole world. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the number of historical, fiction and documentary films about people who occupied the most important post is quite large. Joy-pup has collected the best films about American presidents, watching which you’ll find out what you didn’t know yet.

Hyde Park on Hudson, 2012

Genre: drama, history

IMDb rating: 5.9

Hyde Park on Hudson

This original historical drama shows Frank Delano Roosevelt as a decent man who has made many mistakes. He takes a break from his job duties and starts an affair with his cousin Margaret Stuckley in 1939. This all happens in the midst of his visit to the New York residence of the royal couple.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, 2012

Genre: horror, fantasy, action, western

IMDb rating: 5.9

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,

Look at the greatest president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, from a completely different angle. By day he is a loving husband and father, and by night he is a merciless vampire slayer. He challenged the army of bloodsuckers. But can the president of a great country save the people from an imminent catastrophe?

Southside with You, 2016

Genre: drama, romance, biography, history

IMDb rating: 6.3

Southside with You

A film about US President Barack Obama, based on real events. Chicago, 1989. Young student Barack Obama meets aspiring lawyer Michelle Robinson. Two bright people begin their story, and they have a lot of delightful things ahead.

Thirteen Days, 2000

Genre: drama, history, thriller

IMDb rating: 7.3

Thirteen Days

It’s the film depicting the events of the Cuban Missile Crisis. In October 1962, for thirteen days, the world was on the brink of a monstrous disaster. With a sinking heart, people await what the political, military and diplomatic confrontation between the United States and the USSR will turn into. They challenged each other in the form of atomic war. There is a fierce debate in the White House, and John F. Kennedy must make a difficult decision. At this time, in the skies over Cuba, American spy planes are watching the deployment of Soviet missiles.

PT 109, 1963

Genre: drama, military, biography

IMDb rating: 6.6

PT 109,

This historical film tells the story of the future American President John F. Kennedy, who commanded the RT-109 torpedo boat with holding rank of lieutenant during the Second World War. His craft was sunk by a Japanese destroyer, and now he must reach the island and signal the fleet to escape.

Lincoln, 2012

Genre: drama, military, biography, history

IMDb rating: 7.3


This powerful film about US President Abraham Lincoln is on our list of films about slavery and the slave trade. 1865, Abraham Lincoln, the 16th American president, is at the height of his popularity. And he needs to pass the final slavery amendment to the Constitution in the House of Representatives, and also end the Civil War. Will he manage to do this?

Nixon, 1995

Genre: drama, biography, history

IMDb rating: 7.1


The film tells the story of former US President Richard Nixon, who resigned in disgrace. He became the only American leader to resign commission voluntarily to avoid impeachment.

Frost/Nixon, 2008

Genre: drama, biography, history

IMDb rating: 7.7


USA, 1977. Three years after his resignation following the Watergate scandal, former American President Richard Nixon decided to give an exclusive interview to British TV presenter David Frost, breaking the silence. The politician’s confession became an exciting intellectual struggle with a television journalist.

Primary Colors, 1998

Genre: drama

IMDb rating: 6.6

Primary Colors,

This film is a fictional drama about an American president who behaved disgracefully. The film follows the presidential race of Jack Stanton, a womanizer who battles Democrats in 1992. There is a shadow play here, a lot of intrigue and blackmail. The idea of ​​the film is that even worthy candidates have to commit immoral acts in order to succeed.

W., 2008

Genre: drama, comedy, biography, history

IMDb rating: 6.3


From this film we learn the story of US President George W. Bush. Having rejected all anti-Bush movements, we will trace his life. And we will also study how he came to power.

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