The best war films of 2021: new movies worth watching

The best war films of 2021: new movies worth watching


War films are among the most popular among moviegoers. Many of them are included in the list of world masterpieces, and Russian and foreign directors do not get tired of creating new films. We at joy-pup have already talked about the best war films of 2020 , and now we present you with an overview of the brightest novelties. Some of them have already been released, others are only expected. Explore the ranking and watch the best war films of 2021.

Game Royal / Schachnovelle

IMDb rating: 7.3

Best war movies of 2021: new movies worth watching 1

1938, Vienna. Lawyer Josef Bartok and his wife want to leave Nazi-occupied Austria. But he does not have time, he is sent to the Gestapo and they demand from him confidential information about clients. When Joseph refuses, he is locked up in solitary confinement. Once a lawyer manages to steal chess from the jailers, which becomes his salvation and at the same time an obsession …

Private Chaerin

The Best War Movies of 2021: New Cinema Films That Are Worth Watching 2

The Russian war film was based on the story “Yegor Cheerin” by Timofei Yegorovich Smetanin. The events take place in the fall of 1943. The young hunter Chaerin has just arrived at the front, he becomes a sniper. Already in the first battle, he manages to prove himself and reduce the forces of the Germans on the front line.


Best War Movies of 2021: New Cinema You Should See 3

Russian melodrama about the war tells about the events of 1943. Leningrad is under blockade, and villages are empty on its outskirts. A mother with three children remained in one of them. The woman is too weak to go to the forest to find food. And one day the sons themselves decide to go on the road in order to get provisions. There they are faced with a difficult choice – to save the dog, which they find at the battlefield, or their family.


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Film biography about the pilot Nikolai Komlev. In December 1941, he successfully carries out a mission, destroying a German tank column, which was heading for Moscow. But his plane was hit by enemies. Nikolai miraculously manages to plant his IL-2 in a remote forest clearing. The wounded pilot must now travel the hard way, fighting cold, hunger and pain. He will flee from the wolves and the Nazis, who should not find him. At home his beloved Olga is waiting for him, and it is her image that will help him on the way.

The Auschwitz Report

IMDb Rating: 6.5

Top 5 war movies of 2021: new movies worth watching

The film was co-produced by Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic and Germany. Slovak Jews Freddie and Walter were sent to an extermination camp in 1942. But on April 10, 1944, with the help of other prisoners, they manage to escape. They, despite the obstacles, get to Slovakia. And there they tell the representatives of the Red Cross about the horrors that are happening in Auschwitz. But the report is so terrible that no one wants to believe them, and they do not even want to put what has been said in official documents.

Sakharov. Two lives

Best War Movies of 2021: New Cinema Must-Sees 6

Biographical Russian war film about academician Sakharov, after whom the avenue, asteroid and university are named. It was he who created the hydrogen bomb, and was also a human rights activist. But he himself was constantly torn apart by two feelings – service to science and humanism. In this film, there are many dialogues with his conscience and it is shown how he saw himself.

American Traitor: The Trial of Axis Sally

IMDb rating: 5.6

The Best War Movies of 2021: New Cinema You Should See The 7

This American war film is based on a true story. It tells the story of actress Mildred Gillars, who, after drama school in Ohio, travels to Europe to become famous there. She began working for Radio Berlin under the pseudonym Sally Axi, after which she began to propagate Nazi policies during the Second World War. When she was arrested and sent to the United States, she was awaiting trial on charges of treason.

The War Below

IMDb rating: 6.1

Top 8 War Movies of 2021: New Cinema Must-Sees 8

Historical war film about the First World War. British miners are ordered to build a tunnel underground. Bombs must be placed in it in order to detonate the German units.


IMDb rating: 5.3

9 Best War Movies of 2021: New Cinema Must See

Russian biography film about the pilot Mikhail Devyatayev. In the summer of 1944, he is captured. He is given a choice: to fight on the side of the Nazis and return to heaven or go to a concentration camp. But the pilot chooses the third – escape. Is it so easy to escape the classified island where German cruise missiles are being tested?

Escape from Mogadishu / Mogadisyu

IMDb rating: 7.2

Top 10 war movies of 2021: new movies worth watching

Historical war film about the civil war in Somalia. In January 1991, this war, which lasted 10 years, swept the capital. Employees of the South Korean embassy in Mogadishu are cut off from communications in a forgotten place. But at this moment, they are asked for help by employees of the North Korean Embassy.

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