“Brokeback Mountain” and the best films about same-sex male love

“Brokeback Mountain” and the best films about same-sex male love


he film industry creates a great variety of films. We can watch films about gangsters and the mafia, as well as other films. Scandalous films are often produced, which attracts the audience attention.

Joy-pup editorial team analyzed the works of eminent directors and compiled a list of films about gays that are worth watching at least because of their dramatic, comedic and very interesting stories. Read our rating of same-sex male love movies and choose what to watch.

Brokeback Mountain, 2005

When this film was released, it collected lots of different reviews. But all the same, it’s one of the most striking films about nontraditional love and LGBT. The film revolves around two young cowboys, who are passionate about each other. But they are forced to suppress their feelings and live a normal life. The guys get married, have children and try to be happy in an ordinary, classic family. But they are still attracted to each other …

Brokeback Mountain

The drama directed by Ang Lee caused a lot of controversy on the network. But at the same time, it was awarded the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, BAFTA awards, four Golden Globes and three Oscars, including in the nominations for “Best Director” and “Best Screenplay”. By the way, the film is full of the same passion and drama as “Mary Queen of Scots”, which tells about the love between women.

IMDb Rating: 7.7

Angel / El Angel, 2018

This dramatic film about gay marriage is based on real events that occurred in Argentina in 1971. 17-year-old teenager Carlitos got into the criminal world. At a student’s age, he became close to his classmate Ramon and, together with him, entered the world of permissiveness and violence. Carlitos became the “Angel of Death” that didn’t want to stop kills, crippling and enjoying acts of atrocity.


The movie is based on real events. In real life, Carlitos was convicted, imprisoned and sentenced to life. But compunction didn’t twing him and he declared that he would return to the criminal world.

IMDb Rating: 7.0

Alex Strangelove, 2018

This is a novelty of modern cinema about same-sex love which is included in Netflix’s Top Films. Alex is a teenager who plans to lose virginity with his girlfriend Claire. But everything changes dramatically when a guy falls in love with his friend from another part of the city. And he suddenly realizes his true self.

Alex Strangelove

Co-starring Daniel Doheny, Antonio Martial and Madeleine Weinstein. The film was first shown at San Francisco International Film Festival.

IMDb Rating: 6.3

9 Dead Gay Guys, 2002

This great comedy tells about two Irish who came to London to earn money. They decided that love can only be for a price and in gay clubs. Guys take men’s likeness and get good money for it. But one day they found out that a treasure was hidden under the dead queen mattress. They decide to find the killer, competing in this with the lesbian “iron lady”.

9 Dead Gay Guys

In general, in this film you will see everything, morbid humor, trash and a detective story.

IMDb Rating: 6.2

A Single Man, 2009

This film about gays has become a classic of world cinematography. The stylish vintage drama of homosexual couturier Tom Ford will change your view of gay people. The plot focuses on Los Angeles in the early 60s. An elderly professor of English literature is already experiencing the death of his lover. He lived with him for 16 years. So, what is next? Depression, loneliness, suicide or a new life …

A Single Man

The leading man Colin Firth received the Venetian Volpi Cup, British Academy Award for the film, and was nominated for the Oscar.

IMDb Rating: 7.6

Brotherhood / Bruderschaft, 2009

Can there be same-sex love in criminal gangs? This film is about gay brothers who cannot hide their romantic feelings. The cruelty of the outside world can destroy them.


The film was awarded the main prize in the nomination “Best Film” at the Rome Film Festival.

IMDb Rating: 7.0

Mysterious Skin, 2004

This is the best movie about gay teenagers, which reveals the sensuality and desires of human nature. When the two boys Neil and Brian were eight years old, they were raped by a school coach. After 10 years, their fates intersect again, but what happened in childhood remained in their subconscious forever. One perceived the incident as savagery, and the other carried through passion and love. How will their lives evolve now and will a teenager be able to heal his broken soul?

Mysterious Skin

The main focus of this film is on sensuality. That’s why in the USA, the picture received an adult rental rating of NC-17, which is attributed to porn films. For actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, his role in the movie became the most frank.

IMDb Rating: 7.6

My Own Private Idaho, 1991

Let’s look at another full-length drama about love, which is on our list. Movie events develop in Italy and America in the late 80s. But its characters speak the Shakespearean style. Mike and Scott are gay prostitutes. Scott is the son of the mayor, who in spite of his father escapes from the house and sells his body. Mike is adown and out gay man who suffers from epilepsy. Together they want to find Mike’s mother and go to Idaho.

My Own Private Idaho

By the way, handsome Keanu Reeves, who will soon star in the new Matrix, played the main role in this film. The River Phoenix played with him, and the film was directed by homosexual Gus Van Saint.

IMDb Rating: 7.1

I Love You Phillip Morris, 2009

This film about homosexual male love couldnt stay out of our selection. The plot is about an exemplary family man who at one moment stopped keeping his real feelings under. He turns into an open gay and shows others what he really is. But he needs money for a new life, so he becomes a swindler and goes to jail. There he meets prisoner Phillip Morris, whom he falls in love with.

I Love You Phillip Morris

The main roles in the film were played by Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor.

IMDb Rating: 6.6

Milk, 2008

This is the real life story of Harvey Milk, a gay rights activist. For a long time, all representatives of LGBT people were considered sick, bad and perverted people. But the gay politician decided to change everything and lobbied for gay rights.


The film won the Academy Award for Best Actor.

IMDb Rating: 7.5

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