The best films about space that will delight you

The best films about space that will delight you


What is there – beyond kilometers of the sky? What secrets does the universe hide? We can only guess. But in documentaries and science fiction films about space, new knowledge is revealed to us. The authors of such films offer their idea of ​​extraterrestrial depths, as well as tell about the most interesting studies. has created a list of the best space movies you’ll love. See our list and choose the best films for leisure.

Alien, 1979

Genre: Horror, Fiction, Thriller

IMDb Rating: 8.4

© Shot from the film «Alien» (1979)

In the distant future, a spacecraft returns to Earth. It intercepts a signal for assistance from an unknown planet. The crew decides to fly there following the instructions. But, after arrival on the planet, the ship’s team faces unimaginable horror.

2001: A Space Odyssey, 1968

Genre: Fiction, Adventure

IMDb Rating: 8.3

2001: A Space Odyssey
© Shot from the film «2001: A Space Odyssey» (1968)

The crew of the Discovery spacecraft, captains Frank Poole and Dave Bowman are exploring the area of ​​the galaxy. They need to understand why aliens are keeping watch over our planet. Many discoveries await them on this path.

No wonder this film about space entered our Top. Fiction impresses with its colourfulness and amazing space exploration.

Ad Astra, 2019

Genre: Fiction, Adventure, Thriller, Drama

IMDb Rating: 6.6

Ad Astra
© Shot from the film «Ad Astra» (2019)

Future. Humanity has launched an extraterrestrial life search program led by Captain Clifford McBride. The last trace of the expedition was recorded in the Neptune areaю Since then the crew has disappeared. After 16 years, strange outbreaks of energy occur on Earth and lead to chaos. Now astronaut Roy needs to go to Neptune, get to the Martian base and check if his father is alive.

Apollo 11, 2019

Genre: Documentary, Historical

IMDb Rating: 8.2

Apollo 11
© Shot from the film «Аpollo 11» (2019)

It’s documentary about space, which tells about the mission of the manned spacecraft Apollo 11. It was navigated by Neil Amstrong, who in 1969 landed on the moon. The film has rare shots, interviews of participants and eyewitnesses, as well as facts whose reliability is in doubt.

First Man, 2018

Genre: Drama, Biographical and Historical Film

IMDb Rating: 7.3

First Man
© Shot from the film «First Man» (2018)

The film is a story about Neil Armstrong, who was able to visit the moon. This is a story about a daredevil the whole world knows about. But at what cost did the astronaut made just a step on a distant cosmic surface?

Life, 2017

Genre: Horror, Fiction, Thriller

IMDb Rating: 6.6

© Shot from the film «Life» (2017)

A small group of researchers from an international spaceship discovers life on Mars. People are trying to study it but they don’t suspect that the discovery can give rise to terrible consequences.

The Martian, 2015

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy

IMDb Rating: 8.0

The Martian
© Shot from the film «The Martian» (2015)

The Ares 3 mission should leave Mars immediately. But one of the crew members damages the spacesuit because of the storm. He is considered dead and left on a cold planet. Mark Watney, an engineer and biologist, survives. He stays on Mars and is now forced to come up with a way to announce about himself and return to Earth.

Gagarin. First in Space, 2013

Genre: Drama, Biographical and Historical Film

IMDb Rating: 6.6

Gagarin. First in Space
© Shot from the film «Gagarin. First in Space» (2013)

This film about the planets and Space is dedicated to the first steps of man on the way of discovering the unknown universe. It tells about the judge Yuri Gagarin. About how he became the first astronaut and how the competition between the two superpowers in rocket science developed.

Gravity, 2013

Genre: Drama, Fiction, Thriller

IMDb Rating: 7.7

© Shot from the film «Gravity» (2013)

Ryan Stone is a medical engineering specialist who sets off on his first space mission. A catastrophe happens on board, as a result, the shuttle is destroyed. Two astronauts, Stone and commander Kowalski find themselves alone in open space. They are tied with each other and can only hope for salvation.

Contact, 1997

Genre: Drama, Fiction, Thriller, Detective

IMDb Rating: 7.4

© Shot from the film «Contact» (1997)

Ellie Arroway is a radio astronomer and doctor who has always dreamed of stars. She believes her parents are in outer space. And now she’s ready to find alien life.

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