Film “Kraven the Hunter” (2023) + trailer

Film “Kraven the Hunter” (2023) + trailer


The film tells the story of Sergio Craven, a wealthy businessman and hunter who returns to his homeland to avenge the murder of his brother. He creates a team of specialists to find and destroy his enemies, and finds an ally in a young journalist who is looking for the truth about her father. During the hunt, Craven learns a terrible secret that makes him reconsider his values and goals.

Trailer for Kraven the Hunter (2023):

Country: USA.
Genre: Action, Thriller.
Directed by: JC Chandor
Screenplay: Richard Wenk, Steve Ditko, Matt Holloway

Film “Kraven the Hunter” (2023) + trailer 1

Producer: Film produced by Henry Pendergast Pictures. Producers: Michael Lobel, Jonathan Sablotsky, David Lindenstrauss
The film’s budget was about $25 million.
Premiere: Worldwide “Kraven the Hunter” will have its world premiere on October 4, 2023

Film “Kraven the Hunter” (2023) + trailer 2

MPAA Rating: The MPAA rating is not yet known.

Movie Length: Kraven the Hunter is about 2 hours long.

To be continued…

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