Most anticipated TV series that will be released in the second half of the summer 2020

Most anticipated TV series that will be released in the second half of the summer 2020


Film companies around the world have prepared many interesting new releases of TV series for the hot season. In the second half of the summer, we will be able to watch several striking premiere broadcasts that shouldn’t be missed. What new summer 2020 series are worth adding to your watchlist? These are very cool and unusual detective stories, horrors, science fiction and other foreign and Russian films. The editorial team of has prepared the list of the most anticipated series in summer 2020 that will start during its second half. Get acquainted with the TOP of the latest summer premieres, that were included in our rating, and find out when they will appear on the screens.

Angelyne (Peacock)

Release date: July 15

Genre: Drama

Angelyne (Peacock)

This is the new summer 2020 series based on the Hollywood Reporter article telling about Angelina, the mysterious icon of Los Angeles billboards. It is known that her real name is Reni Goldberg and that she was born in Poland in the 1950s, but then moved to the United States with her family. Years later, the girl got a new name and came up with the image of a gorgeous blonde driving around Hollywood in a pink Cadillac. Get ready, there will be the sight for sore eyes here!

Perry Mason (НВО)

Release date: June 21

Genre: drama, detective, crime film, screen adaptation

Perry Mason

This summer TV premiere is based on popular books by Erle Stanley Gardner. The series is considered one of the most anticipated detectives of the season. The scene is laid in the 1930s in Los Angeles. Part of the country is struggling to recover from the Great Depression, but the city itself is prospering. This difficult period is the time of massive abductions of children. So the lawyer Perry Mason settles his own investigation, revealing all the evils of Los Angeles.

Brave New World (Peacock)

Release date: July 15

Genre: drama, fantasy

Brave New World

If you’re wondering what the future might look like, check out this new summer 2020 series. A fantastic drama takes the viewers many decades ahead and reveals the world we could only dream of. Imagine the 26th century, the ideal world of the future. Here, the cult of consumption comes first. Everything belongs to everyone, people are born from an incubator and don’t care about disease and age. But the most important thing is that everyone feels at the the seventh heaven of delight. And that’s all thanks to one small pill. Harmony is disturbed by a strange person from the outside. Then the inhabitants of the brave new world make wonder whether they have chosen the right way to happiness.

Cursed (Netflix)

Release date: July 17

Genre: drama, fantasy, adventure

Cursed (Netflix)

Netflix knows how to make very interesting and unusual films in the fantasy genre. This summer its main premiere is the series “Cursed”, based on the illustrated eponymous novel by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler. In the centre of the plot there is life of the girl Nimu. After the death of her mother, she meets a young mercenary Arthur. He tries to find Merlin in order to give the old man an ancient sword. The girl travels with a mysterious warrior and gradually turns into a brave leader of the opposition.

The Good Lord Bird (Showtime)

Release date: August 10

Genre: drama

The Good Lord Bird

This is one of the best TV series coming out in summer 2020. Ethan Hawke is the leading man in it. Opponent of slavery, John Brown, gets involved in a confrontation with the slave owner and kills him. But he has a son, Onion, whom John brings to his army of slavery opponents. This army consists mainly of his sons. In 1859, Brown and his “soldiers” raided the Harpers Ferry army storage facility. The uprising fails, but provides impetus to the American Civil War. The film will be shown on Showtime.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (Disney+)

Release date: since August

Genre: drama, science fiction, action film, adventure

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Missed the Marvel heroes? Then you’ll definitely like this film epic! The exact release date of the series in the summer of 2020 isn’t clear yet, but it will definitely be one of the coolest. Sam Wilson (Falcon) puts on a new Captain America costume and at the same time tries to fulfill the mission that Steve Rogers entrusted to him. But Bucky is ready to become a part of society and feel the delights of life in the modern world.

Lovecraft Country (НВО)

Release date: August 16

Genre: drama, sci-fi, horror, thriller

Lovecraft Country

Each episode of this series introduces us to new and terrifying adventures of its heroes. For example, 22-year-old Korean War veteran Atticus, together with his uncle and childhood friend, goes off on a long journey across the United States in search of his father. But on the way he will meet racists, monsters and other scary creatures. If you love horror, this movie is for you.

Mr. Wrong / Bay Yanlıs

Release date: August 18

Genre: drama, comedy

Mr. Wrong

This interesting Turkish TV series will set you in a romantic mood. The freedom-loving Ozgur appears in the life of the cheerful Ezgi. These two completely different people start quarreling right after they first meet each other.  But soon the young people get to know each other better, and Ozgur even teaches the girl how to attract the attention of the guy she likes. Suddenly he falls in love with the beauty … This foreign TV series in 2020 has become one of the main new releases of the summer and will delight you with a wonderful plot.

You knock on my door / Sen Cal Kapimi

Release date: since June

Genre: romance, comedy

You knock on my door

Another Turkish TV series that shows the love of two people. They met by pure accident. He is a rich heir, she is an ordinary florist. The guy wants to help the girl fulfill her dreams …

Lucifer (5 season)

Release date: August 22

Genre: drama, crime, fantasy


This is a sequel to the series “Lucifer”, which has been on the screens since 2016. The new series continues showing the life of the ruler of the Underworld on earth.

Now you know which series will be released in summer 2020. Make your list of the premieres and don’t miss them. 

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