Movie “Dune 2” 2023 +trailer

Movie “Dune 2” 2023 +trailer


Director Denis Villeneuve emphasized that the first Dune film was just a preparation for the upcoming sequel, where the plot will become more dynamic and cover more events. The final cliffhanger of the first part only confirmed this statement.

The second part will focus on turning Paul Atreides into Muad’Dib’s messiah, but will also include new characters such as the Fade-Rauts, Irulan, and more. At the same time, for the director, the main character is Paul, and his meeting with Chani opens up new opportunities for the development of the plot. Viewers are also looking forward to more screen time for Zendaya’s character.

trailer for the movie “Dune 2” 2023:

Genre action, drama, adventure, USA, Canada
Time 2 hours 35 minutes

Movie “Dune 2” 2023 +trailer 1

directed by Denis Villeneuve
Written by Denis Villeneuve, John Spaites, Frank Herbert
premiere 03.11.2023

Movie “Dune 2” 2023 +trailer 2

What does the word Cliffhanger mean?

Cliffhanger is a literary or cinematic technique in which the events of a story stop at the most tense moment or at some decisive moment in the plot, leaving the viewer or reader in anticipation of continuing.

This technique is used to create dramatic tension and keep the viewer or reader waiting and impatient for the next part to come out. The name comes from the word “cliff” – a rock and “hanger” – something to hang on. In a figurative sense, Cliffhanger can also be used in real life, meaning an uncertain situation, when the outcome of events is unknown and requires further development.

To be continued…

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