The best Husky dog movies, after which you will have an unbearable desire to get a dog

The best Husky dog movies, after which you will have an unbearable desire to get a dog


Whoever has a husky ​​knows that this is an incredible dog. It’s affectionate, loyal, friendly and very hardy. We have already told that only husky can be better than husky. These animals took over the world, that’s why lots of films about their life, behaviour and friendliness are made nowadays. has made a list of the best husky films to enjoy. Watch the films and decide, whether you’d like to get such a dog.

The Last Trapper / Le dernier trappeur, 2004

Genre: Adventure, Documentary

IMDb Rating: 7.1

The Last Trapper
© Shot from the film «The Last Trapper» (2004)

Norman Winter is one of the last representatives of American fur trappers. He lives in the Rocky Mountains with his wife Nebraska and husky dogs. Norman is trying to keep contact with nature, but the of civilization development makes this goal almost impossible.

Snow Dogs, 2002

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Family, Sports

IMDb Rating: 5.1

Snow Dogs
© Shot from the film «Snow Dogs» (2002)

Ted Brooks is a popular dentist in Miami. He has an excellent high-paying job. But one day he receives a notification that some woman named Lucy included him in the will. It turns out that this is his real mother. Ted goes to Alaska, where he inherited seven Siberian Huskies.

This is an amazing film about a black man and a husky that will take you to childhood.

The Huskyman / Der Husky Mann, 2011

Genre: Documentary

IMDb Rating: 5.9

The Huskyman
© Shot from the film «The Huskyman(2011)

The Australian Martin Igentler (winner of the Iron Sled Dog Man race 2011) trains dogs for the toughest races. He is preparing for a new dog sledding tournament and wants his huskies to be the winners. The husky film is based on real events and shows the life of this unique person.

Iron Will, 1993

Genre: Adventure, Drama

IMDb Rating: 6.6

Iron Will
© Shot from the film «Iron Will» (1993)

Will Stoneman is a young guy who drops out of college and embarks on a deadly journey. A cold, endless desert awaits him, and he wants to cross it in a husky sled race. When the terrible hundreds of kilometres are left behind, at the finish line Will comes face to face with an arch-enemy …

Eight Below, 2005

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Family

IMDb Rating: 7.3

Eight Below
© Shot from the film «eight Below» (2005)

In the vast expanses of Antarctica, in the snowiest and most frosty land, a scientific expedition conducts its research. It consists of several people who want to find a meteorite. But an unexpected incident forces them to return to the mainland, leaving their Huskies in the north. Now, the eight dogs left by the owners will fight for survival in the icy desert and wait for them to be rescued.

This husky dog ​​movie is on our list of top dog movies.

Togo, 2019

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Family, Biographical, and Historical Film

IMDb Rating: 8.1

© Shot from the film «Тоgо» (2019)

In 1925, Togo’s dog helped prevent a diphtheria epidemic in Nome, Alaska. Together with other sled dogs, he delivered a parcel of antitoxin to the city. This medicine stopped the terrible disease.

A very beautiful new husky movie that will help you look at these dogs from a completely different perspective. Togo is not a fictional dog. He is a special husky who often escaped from an aviary to be free. But when his help became needed, he turned to be one of the best.

Toby McTeague, 1986

Genre: Action, Drama

IMDb Rating: 5.9

Toby McTeague
© Shot from the film «Toby McTeague» (1986)

People are getting ready for a dog sled race in a snowy Canadian village. Permanent local champion Tom McTeague cultivated the desire for victory to his son Toby. But when a special husky (Tom’s best dog) dies because of teenager’s thoughtlessness, sports ambitions and father-son relationships call in question.

Against the Wild, 2013

Genre: Adventure, Family

IMDb Rating: 4.5

Against the Wild
© Shot from the film «Against the Wild» (2013)

Brother and sister and their husky dog ​​survived in a plane crash and found themselves in the most forgotten part of Alaska. Here, natural cruelty and incredible beauty come together. Now they will have to combine their skills and strength and forget about hard feeling in order to find a way out of the situation.

Snow Buddies, 2008

Genre: Adventure, Family, Kids

IMDb Rating: 5.2

Snow Buddies
© Shot from the film «Snow Buddies» (2008)

Watch the endless adventure of five talking puppies participating in an exciting race in icy Alaska. You’ll spend the best time in a company of dog friends, including huskies. We recommend this excellent family comedy film that will cause only pleasant emotions.

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