Sky conquerors – TOP 7 best films about pilots and aviation

Sky conquerors – TOP 7 best films about pilots and aviation

Sky conquerors – TOP 7 best films about pilots and aviation 1

Aircraft pilot is a profession covered with a halo of romanticism, a cherished dream of many representatives of the sterner sex. Each time we observe with admiration how brave pilots bring the huge airplanes under control and take it up into the sky to an altitude of tens of thousands of meters above the ground. Well, fasten your seat belts and enjoy watching the best films about pilots from the Joy-pup list.

407 Dark Flight (2012)

407 Dark Flight

Genre: Horror

IMDb: 4.2

Terrifying things are happening on board an airliner. Passengers are disappearing one by one as if dissolving in the air. And it is at an altitude of 10 thousand meters! Panic spreads among the rest of people because no one understands what’s happening around. As it turned out, there are ghosts on board – people who died once during this voyage. Will passengers survive in an unequal struggle with creatures of beyond?

Pushing Tin (1999)

Pushing Tin (1999)

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

IMDb: 6.0

Until recently, Nick Falzone was considered the best air traffic controller in New York. However, with the arrival of a newcomer Russell Bell, the life of the “old-timer” changes dramatically – a rival has appeared! Two professionals enter the struggle, which soon goes beyond the scope of work to private life. Who will be the winner? Each of the men is determined to put the competitor out of the way.

Flight (2012)

Flight (2012)

Genre: Drama

IMDb: 7.3

After a roaring night with drinking, civilian pilot William Whitaker (Denzel Washington) sets off for another flight. Suddenly, the engine fails, and the plane starts lowering. There are 9 thousand kilometres left to the ground! The experienced pilot puts enormous efforts to land an airliner with passengers, avoiding a crash. However, the chemical analysis detected alcohol in the blood – the hero is about to turn into a defendant. The fate of the pilot is in the hands of a lawyer who is determined to help the fearless pilot.

Red Eye (2005)

Red Eye (2005)

Genre: Thriller

IMDb: 6.4

After her grandmother’s funeral, Lisa Rausert takes a ticket for a night flight to Miami to return home. However, before boarding, she meets a nice guy, completely falling under his charm. They happened to be on the same flight sitting next to each other. Against reason, the girl even drinks with a new acquaintance named Jackson Rippner, which means “Ripper” in English. During the conversation, it turns out that Jackson is an employee of a terrorist group, and now he requires cooperation from Lisa. How will this terrible flight end?

Stealth (2005)


Genre: Fiction, Thriller, Adventure

IMDb: 5.1

The film takes place in the near future when humanity took a huge step forward in the development of technology. Three young pilots Ben Gannon, Car Wade and Henry Parsell get the task to provide in battle instruction of an ultra-modern pilotless aircraft controlled by artificial intelligence. I was planned to use the new jet fighter to fight terrorism, but the situation got out of control. After a lightning strike, a software malfunction occurs – the robot hacks the Pentagon files to download a secret military program. How to stop a formidable super machine? At the cost of incredible efforts, three friends face humanity off a threat of complete destruction by intelligent robots.

Sully (2016)

Sully (2016)

Genre: Biographical Drama

IMDb: 7.4

The commander of the Airbus A320 airliner Chelsea Sullenberger is forced to make an emergency landing directly on the water surface of the Hudson Bay. As it turned out, after airborne, the plane bumped up against a flock of birds, which led to the failure of both engines. Despite the fact that all passengers and crew members (155 people) remained alive, the brave pilot faces criminal liability for the fact that he (supposedly) could land the plane at the nearest airports. Will Sullenberger and co-pilot be justified? After all, the correctness of the decision was confirmed by subsequent calculations.

American Made (2017)

American Made (2017)

Genre: Biography, Thriller, Comedy

IMDb: 7.2

American civilian pilot Barry Seal (Tom Cruise) is engaged in small-scale smuggling of cigars, receiving a very modest supplement to the family budget. Once he receives a tempting offer from the CIA that wants him to take photos of rebel bases during flights over South America. Despite the risk, Barry agrees, and for some time flies looking for the dark-skinned Colombian partisans. Soon, Pablo Escobar himself, the famous “King of Cocaine”, offers him cooperation, and again the pilot can’t refuse the temptation of easy money…

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