TOP most anticipated series of 2023

TOP most anticipated series of 2023


2023 promises us a lot of interesting and varied film premieres. A variety of film companies have prepared surprises and will delight you with new series and seasons. What is worth seeing? We at joy-pup have compiled a list of the most anticipated TV shows of 2023.


Premiere: January 1

TOP most anticipated series of 2023 1

The Netflix American crime drama is based on a true story from 2012. During Hurricane Sandy, $70 billion worth of bonds went missing in midtown Manhattan. A team of skilled thieves is trying to break into one of the most secure vaults in the world in order to steal billions. The story in the series starts 24 years before the robbery and ends 6 months later.

Vikings: Valhalla

Premiere: January 12

TOP most anticipated series of 2023 2

The second season of the legendary Vikings series, which tells about the Greenland explorer Leif Eriksson, as well as his sister and Scandinavian ruler Harald Sigurdsson. They embark on a dangerous journey in which they will have to face a war between the Vikings and the English kings.

The Last of Us

Premiere: January 15

TOP most anticipated series of 2023 3

The series is an adaptation of the acclaimed 2010s video game The Last of Us. Post-apocalyptic America is inhabited by clicker monsters that have fallen victim to a fungal virus. And the country itself is being torn apart by marauders and government soldiers. The main character needs to lead the girl Ellie through this country, on whose life a lot depends.

Poker Face

Premiere: January 24

TOP most anticipated series of 2023 4

Comedy in the detective genre tells about a woman who knows how to determine when someone is lying. As she travels in her car, she encounters various crimes and characters.

Secret Invasion

Premiere: early 2023

TOP most anticipated series of 2023 5

The Disney+ TV studio in 2023 will delight fans of science fiction with several series that will be included in the fifth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of them will be the Secret Invasion series, which stars Samuel L. Jackson, Martin Freeman, Emilia Clarke, Olivia Colman and others. According to the plot, one of the factions of metamorphic aliens will gain power over the life of earthlings. Only superheroes led by the former director of the S.H.I.E.L.D. organization can stop them. Nick Fury.

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

Premiere: January, 2023

TOP most anticipated series of 2023 6

The series is a prequel to the famous series “The Bridgertons”. It tells the story of the young Queen Charlotte and how she came to the throne.

Succession ( season four)

Premiere: spring, 2023

TOP most anticipated series of 2023 7

In the spring, the release of the fourth season of the main television drama of our time is planned. The children of Logan Roy continue to make temporary alliances among themselves and fight for a piece of money in the media empire.

White House Plumbers

Premiere: March, 2023

TOP most anticipated series of 2023 8

Biographical mini-series based on the novel, which is based on the memoirs of lawyer Egil Krogh. He worked in the administration of President Nixon. The series, in comedic form, follows a secret White House group whose reckless actions led to the Watergate scandal and Nixon’s resignation.

Loki (second season)

Premiere: 9 June

TOP most anticipated series of 2023 9

Loki is in a mysterious temporal change management organization. Now he travels through time, meets with the female version of the god of deceit. Loki is also starting to change history.

Doctor Who: 60th Anniversary Specials

Premiere: November, 2023

TOP most anticipated series of 2023 10

Specially for the 60th anniversary of the series, three festive episodes of the popular sci-fi series Doctor Who will be released. The role of the fourteenth reincarnation of the legendary traveler in time and space will be played by David Tennant, who played the tenth reincarnation of the Doctor from 2005 to 2010.

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