11:11 on the clock – a mirror hour in angelic numerology

11:11 on the clock – a mirror hour in angelic numerology


Have you ever noticed the same number when looking at your watch? Have you thought about what that means? To explain the meaning of these numbers, one must turn to numerology. With its help, you can find out the character, fate and inclinations of a person. Find out on Joy-pup what 11:11 means on the clock.

11:11 on the clock – the number of angels

11:11 on the clock – a mirror hour in angelic numerology 1

11:11 is a mirror time that tells you that you have the support of a higher power. If you often notice 11 hours 11 minutes on the clock, then the angels are sending you a heavenly message. Therefore, such a combination of numbers is called the numbers of angels. This often happens during a difficult period in a person’s life when support and advice for the future is needed. With their invisible presence, angels can give us more patience and harmony in those situations that may upset you. You must become aware of this inner strength that lives within you and use it to your advantage.

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Mirror hour clock numerology 11:11

11:11 on the clock – a mirror hour in angelic numerology 2

Many numerologists consider this sequence of numbers to be a “spiritual awakening call.” Angel Number 11:11 is a sign that you should pay more attention to your thoughts, because everything you have ever thought about will soon become reality, whether you want it or not. Through the number 11:11, the guardian angel advises you not to give in to strong emotions. Thanks to positive thoughts, your desires will soon turn into reality.

Angel number 1111 consists of four times the number 1. The number 1, according to numerology, has a very strong vibration, which has the following meanings:

  • a new beginning;
  • ambition;
  • success;
  • Creation;
  • individuality;
  • happiness;
  • performance;
  • spiritual growth.

The number 1 means that it is we who create our own reality through the thoughts and emotions that we radiate every second. Angel number 11:11 tells you that the heavenly portal has opened, so the implementation will be faster. All thoughts, good or bad, will soon come true before you notice it. The thoughts and emotions that you radiate will come back to you in the form of real life experiences. Don’t worry about the bad thoughts or fears you may have harbored so far, positive thoughts are much stronger than them. So keep calm in everything.

The number 11 symbolizes creative energy, intelligence, hope, clarity of consciousness, inspiration. It will give calmness, inner peace, motivates you to take a step back, to do introspection. This number also encourages you to act, developing humanism and renouncing material values.

The mirror time value of 11:11 on the clock is also a message that you may have a sixth sense. Your ability to predict things and strong intuition are able to see problems on another level. You may often doubt your intuition and your feelings, but there will be many instances that make you realize that your intuition is correct.

The positive side of the number 11: intuition, clairvoyance, imagination, courage, faith, strength, analysis.

The negative side of the number 11: anxiety, nervousness, hypersensitivity, harshness, inner doubts.

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