How to calculate the life path number according to numerology: what the numbers say about your destiny

How to calculate the life path number according to numerology: what the numbers say about your destiny


Numerology is a thousand-year-old science of man that tries to interpret the sacred meaning of numbers. It is based on translating everything around us into numbers. Numerology helps us decipher our world, events, our lives, cycles, life impulses through this sacred energy prism. The life path, calculated by date of birth, represents the vibration of your personality and is one of the pillars of your life. Like your natal chart, your path number will reveal your life mission, what you will have to strive for in order to progress and develop your consciousness.

How to calculate the life path number according to numerology: what the numbers say about your destiny 1

How to calculate your life path number?

Take your date of birth and add the day, month, and year to get a result from 1 to 9. If you get a two-digit number, add them up again. However, if after the initial count you get the numbers 11, 22 or 33, do not decrease further – these are Master numbers.

Calculate as in the example below:

Example: if a person was born on December 13, 1994, then this is how his life path is calculated in numerology:

1 + 3 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 4 = 30

3 + 0 = 3

According to the Tibetan number system, you have 12 possible choices, similar to astrological signs that represent different levels of consciousness and vibration, from 1 to 33. These numbers correspond to life paths: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 22, 33.

Life path number 1

The owner of one in the life path is a very active, enthusiastic and ambitious person with strong authority. This path is not without effort leads to self-improvement. A true leader, this person knows how to take responsibility, you can always rely on him.

Personality characteristics: individuality, independence, ambition, ability to command, intelligence, self-confidence, pride, impatience, impulsiveness, strong-willed, creative.

Problems: you need to be attentive to your character, not be passive, skillfully spend excess energy in order to find more peace and serenity.

Life path number 2

People with a life path number of 2 are very sociable, diplomatic and pleasant, but sometimes their mood can change frequently. The desire to always take care of the other can lead to the fact that they completely forget about themselves. These people are afraid of loneliness and get very upset if they cannot find a partner.

Personality characteristics: sociable, affectionate, balanced, gentle, peaceful, very good companion, naive, lazy, capricious, impressionable, too indecisive.

Problems: overcoming shyness and receptivity, not falling into emotional dependence, gaining self-confidence.

Life path number 3

Life path 3 is expression, lightness and dynamism. Beauty seems very important to this colorful man. A lot of harmony and joy comes from his personality, which allows him to feel very comfortable in society.

Personality characteristics: cheerful, bright, extrovert, creative, enthusiastic, generous, good speaker, esthete, frivolous, self-centered, carefree.

Problems: you need to invest more in what you undertake, be able to become serious when necessary, not fall into disappointment.

Life path number 4

Life path 4 reigns in stability, honesty and reliability. With this life number, nothing is left to chance. All events will be planned and predictable.

Personality characteristics: hardworking, organized, structured, excellent planner, reliable, patient, logical, pragmatic, honest, loyal, stubborn, intolerant, blunt, boring, hard on himself.

Problems: to be able to let go of the unnecessary, to revive your monotonous life.

Life path number 5

Life Path 5 is littered with traps, unforeseen events, dangers, adventures and surprises. A person with this number of life follows the path of all experiences, changes, as well as freedom, curiosity and courage.

Personality characteristics: adaptable, free-spirited, extroverted, magnetic, flirtatious, ambitious, belligerent, bold, open-minded, always ready to experiment, fickle, impulsive.

Problems: learn to control your desires and emotions, invest more in your projects.

Life path number 6

A person with a life path number of 6 is sensitive, sincere and very dedicated to his duties and loves to take care of others. He needs love and recognition from others and is very unhappy if this does not happen.

Personal characteristics: responsible, caring, sensitive, sincere, purposeful, good adviser, emotional, devoid of ambition, non-conflict.

Problems: learn to be persistent and make decisions on your own, moderate feelings of guilt.

Life path number 7

Imagine the path of wisdom, spirituality, leading to deep peace and inner wealth, and you will find a life path of 7. The number 7 is the path of a thinker, a philosopher who is looking for an existential search. It also suggests a path of solitude in order to better reveal oneself.

Personality characteristics: smart, quick-witted, wise, curious, thoughtful, perfectionist, very intuitive, silent, introvert, likes solitude, sometimes harsh with others, cynical, aloof.

Problems: learn to open up to others, give more human warmth, reconcile your feelings with intellect.

Life path number 8

Life path 8 is the path of ambition, where everything happens very quickly. People belonging to this number are not only skillful, decisive, assertive, but also authoritarian and striving for success. Eight alternates strong sensations and moments of calm and peace.

Personality characteristics: ambitious, decisive, courageous, strong-willed, powerful, active, generous, affectionate, tough, authoritarian, tyrannical.

Problems: do not abuse your lust for power, learn to restrain your strong emotions, think more.

Life path number 9

A life of progress and acquisitions, success, big changes awaits people who have a nine in their life path. Your road can be eventful, and emotions can become overwhelming. The Nine leans toward utility and treats people with boundless generosity and benevolence.

Personality characteristics: Intuitive, intelligent, educated, considerate, generous, understanding, tolerant, loves to travel, too reserved, realistic, sensitive, pessimistic.

Problems: protecting from and learning to express their emotions, the need for balance and moderation.

Life path number 11

Life Path 11 includes intuitive, charismatic and visionary people. They are passionate about discoveries, inventions, great things. This personality, which is the result of the number of the Master, will be both ambitious and realistic, as well as dreamy and pragmatic. However, she can be difficult to live with due to her angry and depressive nature.

Personality characteristics: Highly intelligent, inspiring, curious, idealistic, highly intuitive, tense, impatient, selfish, angry.

Problems: learn not to feel superior to others, do not impose your will on people, transfer your knowledge and skills.

Life path number 22

The life path number 22 is the path of large-scale projects, construction, creativity that serve the city, country, even the world. These people are honest, open, but can be too assertive or lazy.

Personality characteristics: very intelligent, energetic, honest, sincere, stable, very practical, realistic, conceited, nervous, lazy, sometimes impossible to live with.

Problems: to reach a certain maturity, to remain balanced and stable, not to use their power for personal gain.

Life path number 33

This life path is one of the great opportunities for human advancement. 33 helps others and brings its power to a person. This Master Number demonstrates great natural abilities, but its overflowing with emotions can make life difficult for a person.

Personality characteristics: Compassionate, good adviser, strong intuition, tolerant, emotional, acting for the welfare of all, energetic, intolerant, not responsible enough.

Problems: learn to manage strong emotions, develop skills.

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