Elon Musk reveals when Starship will be ready for first orbital flight

Elon Musk reveals when Starship will be ready for first orbital flight


SpaceX owner and inventor Elon Musk posted a photo of Starship SN24 for its first orbital flight on his Twitter account. The ship is in the High Bay manufacturing facility. The businessman also wrote when it is planned to launch the ship to carry out the flight test program.

Musk said he personally visited Mega Bay and High Bay, where Starship and Super Heavy are assembled. Based on what he saw, he reports that while maintaining the pace of work, the Starship SN24 spacecraft and the Super Heavy B7 superheavy first stage will be ready for the first orbital flight in July this year.

Of course, the technical readiness of the ship does not mean that the launch itself can take place in July. After all, SpaceX also needs to complete 75 measures required by the FAA regulator and obtain a flight license. But there are good chances that by the end of the summer of 2022 the flight will take place. At least the launch should take place this year.

In another tweet, Musk revealed that his company plans to receive the next system for flight readiness in August, after which it will receive further improved pairs of the ship every month.

By the way, in an interview, Elon Musk expressed doubt that the Starship ship would reach orbit on the first attempt. But he is confident he will reach his goal this year and expects to complete many test runs before moving on to actual flying in 2023.

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