Scientists discover new insect species

Scientists discover new insect species


Scientists managed to discover a new species, previously unknown to science, winged insects. They found ancient insects in a piece of Baltic amber. Their age is estimated in the range from 35 to 47 Ma. According to Phys, the discovered species was named Calliarcys antiquus, it belongs to the order Ephemeroptera.

Scientists discover new insect species 1
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Due to the fact that the insect got into the resin, which then hardened and turned into amber, the species was discovered. One of the authors of the study, Javier Alba-Tercedor from the University of Granada, Spain, was able to study the insect in as much detail as possible using micro-computed tomography.

Thanks to this study, a three-dimensional image can be obtained using x-rays. The principle of operation is the same as for computed tomography for medical purposes. At the same time, microcomputed tomography makes it possible to conduct studies on the smallest scale, but with very high resolution. This allows you to see the internal structure of even incredibly small objects.

Scientists discover new insect species 2

Thus, scientists were able to reconstruct the insect, even in areas that cannot be observed due to the opacity of amber. After that, it was compared with known fossil species and it was concluded that no one had ever met such a specimen.

It is known that a group of scientists from different countries worked on the study of the species. And she managed to describe an insect that lived many millions of years ago.

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