7 women who made a difference in Johnny Depp’s life

7 women who made a difference in Johnny Depp’s life


Bluebeard, reckless ladies’ man or just unlucky in love? Thousands of women around the world dreamt about the Hollywood actor Johnny Depp. And now his lawfully wedded ex-wife accuses him of unmannerly conduct and even beatings. At the same time, none of the previous girls experienced anything like this with a star. Shall we figure it out?

7 женщин, которые оставили след в жизни Джонни Деппа 1

Romantic, bold, daring, a little crazy and eccentric, he won the hearts of half the planet. Only because the other half are men. In connection with the latest difficult events in Depp’s personal life, let us recall all of his fatal women.

Lori Anne Allison

Лори Энн Эллисон

Bright feelings, first love with a rose and candy stage, a romantic wedding and even working together in a music band. Yes, we’re talking about relationships with Lori Anne Allison, that made a perfect couple with Depp, despite the age difference of 5 years (the girl is older). Their love story was bright, but not long. It lasted a bit more than 2 years. The couple separated quickly and without public scandals.

Sherilyn Fenn

7 женщин, которые оставили след в жизни Джонни Деппа 2

A famous and very beautiful actress won Johnny’s heart on the set of a joint film. Everything was great, the couple talked about the wedding. But for some unknown reason, they broke up. Nobody knows for sure, what happened between the partners.

Jennifer Grey

7 женщин, которые оставили след в жизни Джонни Деппа 3

Is there anyone, who hasn’t watched the iconic “Dirty Dancing” movie? Yes, Depp dated another colleague and a cult actress of that time. Although their affair lasted even less than with previous passions, not more than a year. So who’s the reason: Johnny gets bored so quickly or his girlfriends want to move on?

Winona Ryder

7 женщин, которые оставили след в жизни Джонни Деппа 4

Winona Ryder played a significant role in the life of the actor. Later, he said on multiple occasions that she was his real strong love and passion, which changed his whole life. Having met at the premiere of the film, they never parted, so strong was the spark that rose between them. A cherished proposal (which all girls in the world dream of) after 3 months of dating and 4 years of relationship were really exciting. This celebrity couple was constantly followed by paparazzi and journalists. Directors all over the world rushed with their proposals on a dream run. The filming schedules for both were so tight that it was simply unreal to maintain a relationship.

Depp even got a tattoo with the name of his beloved “Winona Forever”. True, after parting, he had to remake it for “Wine forever”. Since then, the Hollywood handsome man has really become more addicted to strong drinks.

Kate Moss

Кейт Мосс

The pair of sweethearts was called the cult couple of the 90s. They looked great together and had a great time as well. This, perhaps, was the only relationship with high-profile scandals and even fights. But Kate even liked it. She never spoke ill of her ex-boyfriend, remembering him fondly. Johnny says there were real feelings between them. It is no wonder that the famous model could not find a replacement for the actor for a long time and was touchy about the breakup.

Vanessa Paradis

7 женщин, которые оставили след в жизни Джонни Деппа 5

Vanessa Paradis was an unexpected choice of an actor. This unusual for Hollywood couple and their ideal relationship was talked over, as people are always trying to  find pitfalls. For several years, Vanessa gave Johnny what his crippled soul lacked so much: home, love, peace, support, mutual understanding, and even gave birth to two children. And all this despite the fact that the couple’s relationship wasn’t officially registered. That’s strange knowing Johnny’s romantic nature and his love for formal ceremonies …

Amber Heard

Эмбер Херд

And then … then there was that fatal Amber Heard. What was Johnny missing in a quiet family haven with beautiful Vanessa and children? Perhaps the other part of the Hollywood star’s nature craved for adventure and relationships with bad girls that could give temperamental outburst. Amber got a marriage proposal quickly, and then promptly filed for divorce, also accusing her husband of beatings and violence. Former companions stood up for Depp, saying that nothing like this had ever happened in their relationship. Do you think Heard is disingenuous? Or maybe this affair and marriage wasn’t more than mutual PR?

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