Actors that hate their roles

Actors that hate their roles


Most often, when choosing an actor for a particular role, directors consider several candidates. Some of them are swept aside immediately, others can give up the role for some reason. But even if the director and the actor reach a compromise and create a masterpiece on the screen, it doesn’t guarantee that at some point the latter will not be disappointed. Why does this happen? Let’s try to figure out why the actors hate their roles!

George Clooney, “Batman and Robin”

George Clooney

Just as there’s no rose without a thorn, flaws can be found in the careers of even the most talented actors. In 1997, Clooney successfully passed the casting call for the role of Batman, which he himself soon regretted. Indeed, the film was not very good: acrid colors on the screen, weak acting, ugly and awkward costumes. According to the actor, the money spent on the picture can be considered wasted. And he would prefer to just forget this role, because being on set he felt like a gay with pink nipples, dressed in a stupid rubber tight suit.

Robert Pattinson, “Twilight”

Robert Pattinson

Despite the fact that playing the role of the main character in the Twilight franchise made Pattinson famous, the British actor hates this image like the plague. He sincerely doesn’t understand Edward Cullen’s manic-depressive mood, his behavior and the nature of the 108-year-old freak. “He’s definitely in trouble,” concludes Robert Pattinson, adding that even the books that have been filmed in the saga aren’t worth publication.

Marlon Brando, “A Streetcar Named Desire”

Marlon Brando

Like Pattinson, after the premier of this film, Brando woke up not only famous, but became the idol of a million American women. However, the actor himself hated his character Stanley Kowalski, considering him a douchebag and a drunkard, and being sincerely surprised at how such a negative image could become a sex symbol. In addition, after the release of this film, the handsome Brando was offered to play only rude characters for a long time.

Blake Lively, “Gossip Girl”

Blake Lively

The actress makes no secret of the fact that she owes much to her participation in this film, but she is genuinely outraged by the fact that the audience, in all seriousness, for some reason associates her with the image of Serena van der Woodsen. And this despite the fact that Lively managed to appear in many other worthy films. The actress herself admits that she would never have acted in life like her screen heroine. Slipping in heroin and having an affair with someone else’s man is against her principles.

Katherine Heigl, “Knocked up”

Katherine Heigl

Actress Katherine Heigl has a similar attitude towards the film that made her a movie star. Her character – “a bitch with no sense of humor” – according to Katherine, isn’t a model to follow. Therewith, she thinks that the film turned out to be too sexist, discriminating against the weaker sex. The women in it are stupid and grumpy, the men look much more attractive: they are sincerely cheerful, intelligent and at the same time simple-minded. Heigl openly spoke about this vision of the film in an interview, after which the actress was considered ungrateful in Hollywood.

Kate Winslet, “Titanic”

Kate Winslet

Who could have thought, but Kate Winslet hates the role in Titanic, which made her not only famous, but also brought the young actress a bunch of awards and prizes. And it’s all because of one photo. Rather, because people’s lack of morals. Kate’s negative feelings are connected with the moment in the film when Jack paints a nude portrait of Rose. It’s worth noting that even then, during the filming, the actress didn’t want to be naked in front of the cameras, but she couldn’t convince the director. And now, so many years later, for some reason, lot’s of fans consider it necessary to hand her a photograph of this particular frame asking for an autograph. But they are turned down as this photo isn’t the one Kate would like to hold in her hands so many years after the release of the picture. Decent answer, to be sure!

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