Bill Gates Dating Millionaire’s Widow

Bill Gates Dating Millionaire’s Widow


Millionaire and Microsoft CEO Bill Gates is back in a relationship. He, after a divorce from Melinda Gates, had an affair with the widow of a millionaire Paula Hurd. According to Just Jared, she was married to Oracle CEO Mark Hurd.

Bill Gates Dating Millionaire’s Widow 1

An insider commented to the publication that the couple is inseparable. At the same time, Bill and Paula have been together for more than a year. And although she is called a mysterious woman, everyone from her inner circle has long known about the new novel by Bill Gates.

Paula Hurd lost her husband in 2019. He died of cancer. He was 62 years old. Paula herself is 60 years old, she is an event organizer and philanthropist.

Bill Gates Dating Millionaire’s Widow 2

Although the relationship is not publicized, Paula Hurd and Bill Gates attended the men’s singles final together at the Australian Open in Melbourne, Australia.

Recall that Bill Gates was married to Melinda Gates for 27 years. But in May 2021, the couple announced their divorce. And the reason for the breakup was allegedly the connections of the millionaire with Jeffrey Epstein.

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