British King Charles III diagnosed with cancer

British King Charles III diagnosed with cancer


British King Charles III was diagnosed with cancer. He was diagnosed following a recent hospital procedure for a benign prostate enlargement.

According to an official statement from Buckingham Palace, a more serious problem was discovered during the procedure. Subsequent diagnostic tests revealed a form of cancer. At the moment, the king has already begun the planned treatment. During this, he was advised to postpone his public duties.

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At the same time, the king will continue to deal with state affairs and official documentation as usual.

The address also states that the monarch is grateful to the medical team for their quick intervention. This is exactly what was made possible thanks to a recent procedure at the hospital. He also evaluates his treatment positively and hopes for a quick return to full-fledged social activities.

King Charles III himself told his sons, Prince Harry and Prince William, about the diagnosis. He also broke the news to brothers Prince Andrew and Edward, as well as sister Princess Anne. After this, the news was announced publicly.

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Let us remind you that King Charles III was recently hospitalized with a benign formation on his prostate. Catherine, Princess of Wales, also recently underwent surgery on her abdomen.

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