Elizabeth II, Britain’s Greatest Queen, Has Died

Elizabeth II, Britain’s Greatest Queen, Has Died


Today, September 8, 2022, Queen Elizabeth II has died at the age of 96. She is the greatest queen who has won admiration and respect all over the world. The monarch became an example for many, and her subjects not only respected, but also loved her.

The news of the death was officially confirmed at Buckingham Palace. The Queen passed away peacefully in the afternoon at Scottish Balmoral Castle, the statement said.

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Before that, on Thursday, the British Queen was taken under the supervision of doctors. They were concerned about her health. After that, the children and grandchildren of Elizabeth II went to Balmoral Castle. Also in recent months, the media reported on the health problems of the Queen, it was difficult for her to move around, she missed a number of events.

Elizabeth II is the second longest reigning monarch

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The Queen ascended the throne in 1952, the era of her reign was called the New Elizabethan Era. Most people living in Britain and the Commonwealth of Nations today were born and lived their lives in this era. Elizabeth II led her country through change and is admired around the world.

In June 2022, the Queen became the second longest-reigning monarch in the world. The first is Louis XIV, who ruled France from 1643 to 1715. Elizabeth II ruled for 70 years.

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New British Prime Minister Liz Truss expressed her sadness and said that the news of the death of the Queen was “a huge shock to the whole nation and the world as a whole.” She called Elizabeth II the cornerstone on which modern Britain was built. And thanks to her, the country has become truly great. She has been an inspiration to many.

Mourning time

In the UK and the countries of the Commonwealth of Nations began a 10-day mourning. Buckingham Palace, which is the official residence of the monarch, has flown the state flags at half mast. All scheduled events for members of the Queen’s family have been postponed for the time being.

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Who will be the next monarch?

After Elizabeth II, her son Prince Charles will become king, and his wife Camilla will become queen consort. The official coronation ceremony will take place later, it has a certain algorithm.

In addition, according to the approved plan of action in the event of the death of Queen Elizabeth II called “London Bridge”, on the first day the new king should address the nation. He will also meet Premier Liz Truss.

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The new king will announce the details of the burial of Elizabeth II. Traditionally, this will be a state funeral. All Britons will be able to say goodbye to the Queen.

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