Famous couples who broke up in 2021

Famous couples who broke up in 2021


Sometimes, even seemingly strong couples, do not withstand some troubles in family relationships. Some of them, after the announcement of their engagement, suddenly cut all ties, while others are not even held back by children. We at joy-pup will tell you about famous couples who broke up in 2021.

Grimes and Elon Musk

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The 33-year-old singer has been in a relationship with a prominent entrepreneur and founder of SpaceX since 2018. The couple seemed to be doing well – they even thought almost the same way. For example, a celebrity is also interested in space and science, and even changed her name to Sea Bush, which is a symbol of the speed of light in a vacuum. In 2020, she and 50-year-old Musk had a son, whom the couple named X Æ A-12. But the lovers could not stand the test of life at a distance, at least this version of the breakup was voiced. In 2021, the breakup of relations between two very prominent personalities was announced, and Grimes then announced that she plans to colonize Jupiter’s moon, Europe, where she will create a lesbian commune.

Liv Tyler and Dave Gardner

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The couple officially broke up back in March 2021, but only recently announced this. The reason was that celebrities allegedly moved away from each other, because each of them wanted to focus on their careers. And the end of the relationship was hidden on purpose so as not to harm the children with public attention. By the way, Liv and Dave have been in a relationship for 7 years, they are raising two children together.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

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Since the beginning of 2021, rumors about the separation of the star couple have not ceased. After Kim Kardashian announced that she was divorcing the rapper, there was a lot of speculation about the reasons for this act. Some even suspected West of cheating on his wife. By the way, they were hinted at by Kanye himself (already Ye) in one of the songs from the new Donda album. At the moment, the couple are not officially divorced, but they are no longer together. Kardashian is raising four children who were born to the rapper and has recently fueled rumors of a relationship with actor Pete Davidson. Her husband is still not far behind and says that he is dating the model Winteria, but Kim is unhappy with her personal life, hinting that she is still married, and therefore the new relationship is sinful.

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid

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Despite the fact that the couple break up and reconnect for the first time, the current situation could be a point of no return. And the fact is that Zane is accused of domestic violence – he verbally insulted and locked the mother of his beloved Yolanda Hadid in the dressing room. The conflict arose over the daughter of Zane and Gigi when the model was away. Malik pleaded guilty, must pay a fine and undergo a probationary period. During this time, he plans to improve relations with Gigi and achieve joint custody of his daughter. By the way, the model is not against it.

Bill and Melinda Gates

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One of the strongest couples unexpectedly divorced in 2021. No one even thought that this could happen in the family of the co-founder of Microsoft. The divorce papers were signed in August , and Melinda herself decided not to claim spousal support, but left the last name Gates. She also, together with her husband, continues to work in a general charitable foundation, but with special conditions: if within two years she realizes that she is not well with Bill, she will leave her post and leave. Officially, the reasons for the breakup are not reported, but perhaps the blame is the friendship of Bill Gates with the scandalous businessman Jeffrey Eppstein, who was accused of sex trafficking. Melinda asked her husband not to see the financier, but he visited his apartment several times.

Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish

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The American actress announced the separation in a very touching post, noting that the love between her and her ex-husband remained. But the moment has come that they cannot be together. What exactly is the reason – she did not explain. The couple have been officially married since 2013; the ex-lovers have no common children. By the way, they continue to work on joint projects and even communicate.

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