#nomakeup: 5 celebrity selfies without makeup

#nomakeup: 5 celebrity selfies without makeup


We always see them in the most expensive outfits and luxurious makeup. Social media has become a suitable platform for showcasing the perfect picture of life, filtered images and photoshopped bodies. Fortunately, now more and more girls are striving for natural beauty. These celebrities also joined the #nomakeup trend and showed their face without a drop of makeup.

Lady Gaga

Recently the premiere of the film “Gucci House” took place , where the singer played an elegant socialite with a ton of makeup on her face. Despite launching her own Haus Labs cosmetics line, Lady Gaga is not shy about showing off natural complexion selfies without makeup. But regardless of the presence of a make-up or not, the singer always manages to look positive and radiant. Diet for Lady Gaga plays an important role in giving her skin a natural and healthy glow. She drinks coconut water to moisturize the skin from the inside.

Jennifer Aniston

Many believe that Jennifer Aniston has had several plastic surgeries since the 90s, including nose job, chin implant, facelift, fillers, and other procedures. She admitted to having done rhinoplasty to People magazine in 2007, but denies the rest. In August 2021, Jennifer posted a makeup-free selfie on Instagram. The star was touting the launch of the new official Friends merch collection and looked amazing.


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“Shining bright like a diamond” is not only one of Rihanna’s popular songs, but also the look of her face without makeup. In a video for Harper’s Bazaar magazine, she introduced viewers to the night care products of her own cosmetics brand Fenty Skin. Rihanna, who recently became the National Hero of the Republic of Barbados, sported her glowing skin without makeup on live TV. First, she washed off the makeup, then alternately applied a wash gel, a tonic serum and a moisturizer with SPF.


Her eyebrows are always perfectly groomed, she loves rich eyeshadow and bright lipstick. Although Zendaya is an endless source of makeup ideas and certainly knows a lot about cosmetics, she is not afraid to appear without makeup sometimes.

Katy Perry

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Along with her God-given voice, Katy Perry also has natural beauty – even when she looks without makeup. But it was not always so. At 20, she suffered from facial rashes, which she attributed to stress and hormones. She was helped by the Proactiv cleansing oil, which the singer uses to this day.

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