Love and rock: the hottest rock couples who made themselves talk about

Love and rock: the hottest rock couples who made themselves talk about


The world of rock music seems unusual and extraordinary. Musicians in this direction are constantly haunted by scandals, and their love affairs cause a lot of attention among fans. We at joy-pup will tell you about the most iconic rock couples: scandalous, romantic, extraordinary and others.

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee

Love and rock: the hottest rock couples who made themselves talk 1

Drummer Mötley Crüe was reputed to be “the baddest guy in rock and roll”, he had a scandalous reputation, and was also addicted to drugs and alcohol. Before meeting Pamela Anderson, Tommy managed to divorce twice, but his acquaintance with the Playboy star was epic. On New Years Eve at the Sanctuary Club, Tommy walked over to Pem, grabbed her face and licked it. She liked it so much that she gave him her number. By the way, the musician was in the club with his fiancée Bobby Brown, with whom he later separated due to aggressive behavior. For about a month and a half, Tommy tried to meet with Pamela, but he only succeeded when he flew to Mexico without an invitation, where the girl was filming. Before that, Bobbie moved out of him due to domestic violence.

It was in Mexico that a romance began between Pamela and Tommy, and what a romance! Just 96 hours later, they exchanged marriage vows and got tattoos instead of wedding rings. At first, after the wedding, the couple was doing well, Pem said that they are united not only by passion, but also by a sense of humor. But soon scandals began: Tommy was jealous of her, and after the birth of his children, he completely moved away, since he did not feel in the first place. As a result, the musician began to insult his wife, she filed for divorce, and he spent six months in prison for assault. After that, the couple tried several times to get together, but the lovers did not succeed.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Love and rock: the hottest rock couples who made themselves talk 2

The rebel musician met his future wife at one of the exhibitions. She is older than him, a rich avant-garde artist with aristocratic manners. They were not alike, but this woman literally immediately hooked John, becoming a dream, an ideal. The musician even sang about his feelings, fully revealing himself.

Yoko and Jonna’s union was not only love, but also creative. For 14 years, they released a joint album, made a film and became the idols of many young people. By the way, Paul McCartney recently admitted that Lennon was to blame for the collapse of The Beatles, who completely went into his love . But it seems that the musician needed it, as he paid more and more attention to projects with his wife and raising his son. Of course, not everything was so cloudless – the couple once broke off relations for a whole year and a half, and in the last few years of their life together, John almost did not appear in public, while Yoko constantly worked. After Lennon’s murder, she remarried, but many of her projects were associated with the name of her deceased husband.

Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love

Love and rock: the hottest rock couples who made the talk 3

Perhaps this is one of the most beautiful rock couples. He is a depressed musician, and she is an eccentric and outrageous girl who stood out strongly against the background of others. They met after one of Nirvana’s concerts in 1990. It was love at first sight, Kurt and Courtney started dating almost immediately, and stayed together for about 3.5 years.

During this time, the couple got married and quarreled many times. Kurt and Courtney also had a daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. By the way, the musician himself has said more than once that he loves his wife so much that he could even give up music for her sake. The only negative of this love was Kurt’s prolonged depression. Even despite the love for his family, he could not stand it and committed suicide, leaving a note with a declaration of love to his wife.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

Love and rock: the hottest rock couples who made the talk 4

This couple can be called an example of the classic relationship between the creator and the muse. Ozzy and Sharon met in the distant seventies, and when the man left the Black Sabbath group, his beloved took over his creative activities. Thanks to well-coordinated work and perfect symbiosis, they managed to achieve incredible success. Although, of course, there were problems: Ozzy’s fight with alcohol, detoxification, Sharon’s cancer, lawsuits.

The couple went through all the stages incredibly steadfastly. Despite everything, Ozzy and Sharon kept the family together and raised three children. Despite the fact that the musician has the nickname “Prince of Darkness”, he is affectionate at home. A man supports his wife in everything, calling her the best friend, mistress and worst enemy.

Gene Simmons and Cher

They are completely from different worlds, but everything is subject to love. So, the legend of Kiss and the famous singer met at one of the parties. After her, the man went to Cher’s house, where they chatted all night over coffee. In the morning, Jin asked if he should go home. The singer replied in the affirmative, noting that it was enough for the first time.

Cher recalled this relationship with great fondness, although they had to hide. After all, fans of a rock musician might not understand his choice. Despite this, the couple traveled and celebrated the holidays together. By the way, once Jean admitted to Cher that before her he had 600 women. This did not frighten her.

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