Porn, homosexuality and perversions: the most high-profile scandals of the Rammstein band

Porn, homosexuality and perversions: the most high-profile scandals of the Rammstein band


Despite the huge number of scandals or, perhaps, thanks to them, Rammstein does not leave the lists of music tops. Joy-pup editorial team also loves listening to the songs of this band, which, by the way, has recently released its seventh album.

Rammstein Group

In fact, there are a lot more scandals at the center of which happened to be the legendary German band Rammstein. After all, each of their clips is accompanied by loud discussions, each song causes a huge stir in the society, and each video with their participation gains millions of views in just a day. These guys are well aware of the meaning of the word “provocation”. After all, it was their provocative art that brought the group such wild popularity.

Scandal №1. Till The End porn video: actress accounts were leaked to the network

Till The End

Rammstein band leader Till Lindemann shot another sexually explicit video for his Lindemann project. Till The End is not the first music video of the group with erotic scenes. But it outdid all previous works, as it’s nothing else than a porn movie in which the most vivid scenes are covered with a black square. It’s not hard to guess what’s behind it.

The shooting of the porn clip took place in St. Petersburg, and most of the actresses are Russian girls. The scandal around the video involves these girls. 

After the release of this creepy-erotic work, the actresses were persecuted. So, one Russian portal published their names and accounts. The girls were immediately bombarded with insults and threats, because of which many were forced to delete their accounts.

But that did not end there. Threats are sent to girls’ relatives, friends, and acquaintances. By the way, as one of the participants in the video admitted, only several Russian girls took part in the filming, the rest of the girls were from other countries. But only actresses from Russia came under the bullying.

However, watch the video yourself:

Scandal №2. Music video for the song «Deutschland»

song Deutschland Rammstein

Even before the first run of the official video, which took place on May 28, 2019, the video for the song Deutschland made a lot of noise in Germany and around the world. In the official teaser, the musicians played the roles of the concentration camp prisoners. One of them had a yellow pentagram on his chest.

song Deutschland

After the release of the clip, which only during the first day gained more than 9 million views, the degree of indignation in society rose to unprecedented heights. The Deutsche Welle called their video “the history of Germany in pictures.” After all, it refers to the times of the Holy Roman Empire, the Third Reich and the post-war division of Germany.

In addition to the prisoners of the Nazi camps, the video features Holocaust victims and Nazis led by Hitler.

Scandal №3. Music video «Amerika» is either against the war or against America

Music video Amerika Rammstein

A provocative music video was shot not only about Germany. The musicians of the Rammstein band released the great single «Amerika», which was included in the album «Reise, reise».

The song itself became a kind of message expressed against America’s invasion of Iraq. It also reveals the theme of the dominance and spread of American culture, symbolized by Coca-Cola, Mickey Mouse, and Disneyland. And everything would be fine if not for the video.

It has offended the feelings of vulnerable Americans, so the band had to cancel their American tour. In fact, the shots from the video have no provocative plots, except for scenes where numerous residents of the most remote corners of the world consume American food in large numbers.

However, the musicians stung the inhabitants of the New World for the quick, depicting a parody of the so-called staged footage of the landing of American astronauts on the moon. The Americans couldn’t forgive the band for such a mockery of their own history.

Scandal №4. «Mann Gegen Mann» or promotion of homosexuality

Mann Gegen Mann Rammstein

We can suspect Rammstein musicians of any kind of propaganda but not of same-sex conduct. Were it not for the clip for the song “Mann Gegen Mann”, which shows sweaty male bodies, naked torsos and not only torsos, but also courageous backs. So called “Peppercorns” of this video were nude musicians and scenes featuring men of various racial backgrounds, who were hugging clearly not a s friends.

It is worth to remark that the musicians themselves do not see any provocation in such a video, emphasizing that this video is a work of art. “Art must awaken and excite people. This is its only goal”, said guitarist Paul Landers.

And we just have to agree with him, because after watching the video the entire editorial team of Joy-pup immediately woke up and got a little excited.

Scandal №5. Clip for adults – from filming right to the porn portal

Pussy Rammstein

This refers to a clip for the song “Pussy” that premiered in 2009. Moreover, for the first time the clip appeared not on the official website of the group, but on the porn portal. The thing, of course, is the very “adult” content that this video demonstrates.

If you haven’t seen it yet, we’ll offer a TV version of this video. It has pretty good quality and was even censored by many music channels. Secretly, let’s say that this luxurious video has 2 more versions: one is frankly pornographic, the other is just obscene.

Scandal №6. This irrepressible Lindemann

Lindemann Rammstein

The last but not the least scandal in the history of Rammstein is connected with its vocalist Till Lindemann. Yes, this man is a real walking scandal! In creative ecstasy, he is able to undress and give a spanking to his keyboard player right on the stage! Who has been to concerts of the group, knows well what is happening there. If you are looking for videos from their performances, don’t ask us what kind of white foam is pouring onto the audience from the stage. The lead vocalist of Ramstein is both producer and director of his bright stage provocations.

Till Lindemann Rammstein

Yes, this man knows a lot about perversions. For example, during the presentation of his lyric album «Messer» in St. Petersburg, a musician came with a woman on a leash. An unknown lady in latex was hiding her face behind a mask, so the journalists were unable to distinguish who she was.

Till Lindemann

We showed you the recent scandalous jinks of the Rammstein band but it’s much more than that. Millions of people around the world watch their videos, because they attract and excite the imagination. They are insolent, dissolute and very tasteful. Despite the fact that from time to time, representatives of the authorities forbid their performances in different cities, they gather huge halls. After all, they are the legends of modern rock music.

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