5 proofs that being a travel blogger is not as cool as it seems

5 proofs that being a travel blogger is not as cool as it seems


Agree, slogans like “Send your boring boss, quit your job and finally start traveling” sound very cool and tempting, but arouse suspicion. Before we envy another blogger who posts photos from a distant tropical island on Instagram, let’s try to figure out together what is going on behind the scenes of the travel blogger profession. We at Joy-Pup do not really believe that the life of such travelers is so carefree and beautiful. And here are some reasons to agree with us.

5 proofs that being a travel blogger is not as cool as it seems 1

1. This is not a two-hour job

It may seem that the activity of a travel blogger comes down to posting posts a couple of times a day and processing photos along the way. And the rest of the time these people are resting. No matter how. According to the authors of the famous American travel blog, you have to work 12-14 hours a day, and this is the most boring job in front of a monitor. A lot of time is spent on processing photos and videos, negotiations with advertisers, promotion, communication with subscribers, etc. High competition leaves travel bloggers no choice but to fight for each subscriber with all available means.

2. No serious relationship

If you are not a fan of long-distance relationships, but loneliness is not your forte, then it’s better not to think about working as a travel blogger. You just won’t be in one place long enough to start and develop a relationship with a nice guy or girl. If there is a desire to make a new relationship long-term, you will have to choose: either give up traveling, or persuade your soulmate to follow you around the world. Spoiler alert: few agree.

3. Uncertainty and the desire to stay at home

Traveling constantly means not only moving from city to city, from country to country, but also constantly getting tired. Moreover, you can get exhausted both physically and mentally. Packing things, searching for a new hotel and profitable flights, studying maps, planning routes – this is only a small part of what is hidden behind the screen of a chic vacation and a cheerful mood. Well-known travel bloggers have repeatedly admitted that they would gladly trade travel for the opportunity to work at home with a laptop, go out to a cafe once a week and cook a normal meal in their kitchen.

4. No start-up capital anywhere

The average travel blogger earns nothing for a year, but spends a lot. Only for tickets, rental housing, filming equipment and training, you need to prepare several thousand dollars. Profit from a travel blog will appear only when advertisers are confident in you as a reliable partner. But even bloggers with experience cannot boast of stable earnings. Today you can hit the jackpot by agreeing on profitable cooperation, and then you will have to wait three months for at least some kind of offer.

5. Travel can get boring

Remember your feelings a couple of days before the long-awaited vacation. You are seized with a special excitement, looking forward to new emotions and impressions, hoping that the sights you see will surprise you more than you can imagine. If you travel all the time, these wonderful feelings can become dull. A trip to the second largest waterfall in the world? Nonsense, I’ve already seen the first one. An unusual dish in an Asian restaurant? A couple of months ago I already ate something similar. And so in everything. Travel addiction is comparable to any other addiction. The more you travel, the more it will seem mundane and boring.

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