Adrenaline Rush: The World’s Most Dangerous Activities

Adrenaline Rush: The World’s Most Dangerous Activities


For most people, the entertainment that we will tell you about in this article may seem like complete madness. But those who have tried at least once will confirm that only at such moments you can feel like the master of fate. Read on Joy-pup about the most dangerous entertainment in the world.


Adrenaline Rush: The World’s Most Dangerous Activities 1

This is one of the most famous extreme sports today. As it becomes clear from the name of the sport, a parachute jump is made with a ski, which in its structure resembles a snowboard. The ski is attached to the legs, and the athlete performs various acrobatic stunts during a free fall. The jump is made from a height of 3500-4000 m, which, combined with speed, gives a feeling of unlimited freedom! Skysurfing is a very difficult extreme sport, but if you’re up for the challenge, then you should give it a try.

Cage diving

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This fun is not for the faint of heart: diving knowing that bloodthirsty hungry sharks are swimming around you. But if diving is your passion, and extreme sports are in your blood, then diving with sharks is the best attraction! The most popular places to swim with sharks are in South Africa, Australia, California and some islands – Fiji, the Maldives and the Bahamas. But the most extreme cage diving is in the habitats of great predatory white sharks, which have incredible power and can break the strongest cage designed to protect tourists.


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If you dream that you are flying and enjoying beautiful scenery from above, while the views of nature change below you, then you should definitely try zip-lining. This is a high-speed descent along a stretched inclined rope or cable, using a special block or carabiner. Now zipline is gaining more and more popularity as one of the ways of extreme entertainment and getting thrills. An unforgettable combination of a pleasant amount of adrenaline and a feeling of freedom of flight, as well as the ability to control and enjoy the views will overwhelm you during a zipline trip.

Base jumping

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This is a separate extremely extreme discipline of skydiving, which differs in that jumps are made not from an airplane, but from fixed objects. The height can be from 50 meters to one kilometer. Therefore, special parachutes were created for such conditions, which open 15-40 meters before landing. The free fall time from a height of 150 meters is about 7 seconds. This means that after 3-4 seconds after the jump, it is necessary to have time to take the correct position of the body so that the parachute has time to open.

In such a short time, it is very difficult to do this, and the probability of uncontrolled rotation is very high. By opening the parachute with the body in the wrong position in the air, the base jumper risks getting tangled in the lines, which can cause serious injury or even death. Therefore, it is worth thinking several times before engaging in this dangerous sport, and if you still decide, then do not forget about the preparation that precedes the first free independent jump.

Death trail

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This is the most dangerous attraction, which is located on the sacred Chinese mountain Huashan. The pedestrian narrow path, which is located above the abyss, has no railings and fences. But not so long ago, on a desperate and extreme route, small ropes with a carabiner and several handrails in the form of metal chains appeared. Prior to this, Huashan was climbed simply by planks, which seemed to have been hastily nailed down. It is quite easy to stumble and break from them. It takes your breath away just by looking at the photographs of the daredevils who decided to take this path and prove to themselves and the world their own fearlessness.

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