Inexplicable and amazing: scientists cannot distill the secrets of 5 anomalous places

Inexplicable and amazing: scientists cannot distill the secrets of 5 anomalous places


Inexplicable things happen all the time: poltergeists, mystical thunderstorms, bright lights in the sky, strange murders, geomagnetic storms that shift the boundaries of time and space … The list of anomalous situations and places is so large that it clearly can’t be presented in one article.

The team has already written about places where gravity doesn’t work, and now we will tell you about 5 amazing paranormal phenomena from around the world.

1. Thunderstorm in Venezuela

Thunderstorm in Venezuela

A thunderstorm with a couple of powerful lightning strikes and thunder breaks our peace for a short while and then gives way to heavy rain. There’s nothing to worry about, but not all people on Earth think so.

Thunderstorm in Venezuela

Thunderstorms over Venezuelan territory in the area of the Catatumba River occur frequently and usually last long. Lightning strikes can begin in the evening and end with the first sun rays.

2. Phantom vision from the past in Greece

 Phantom vision from the past in Greece

Air ionization or rich human imagination, or maybe magnetic storms and geomagnetic activity? For many years, scientists have been studying the reasons why people have sound and visual hallucinations on the territory of the Frangokastello castle (Crete). It’s visitors see a mirage displaced in time showing military battles in the background of the walls of a majestic fortress, hear the clang of swords and horse harness.

Locals claim that the chronomirage can be seen on foggy mornings and reminds others of the battle in the middle of the 19th century during the Greco-Turkish war.

3. Colored Hessdalen Lights

Colored Hessdalen Lights

Every night, colored lights dance in the Hessdalen Valley in Norway. They appear out of nowhere in the middle of the night and disappear in a moment, leaving curious spectators all at sea.

Scientists have repeatedly conducted research, but never found out the nature of the magical phenomenon. It may depend on the reaction between sulfur and the water from the radioactive lake, which causes the ignition of sulfur particles in the air during the evaporation from the lake? Or is it the machinations of the Scandinavian god Loki?

4. Movile Cave in Romania

Movile Cave in Romania

We often read about other worlds hidden below the surface or in the руфке of impenetrable jungle, but the marvelous world with an ecosystem of unknown origin turned out to be almost in the center of Europe. Movile Cave in Romania was discovered during the construction process on the Black Sea coast.

For half a million years, the cave protected its inhabitants from human intervention and maintained unique living conditions at low oxygen levels with a high concentration of carbon dioxide, ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. However, the most amazing thing is that more than 30 new species of living creatures were discovered in the depths of the cave, and there is more to come.

5. Headless Valley in Canada

Headless Valley in Canada

The disrepute of this place can compete only with the Bermuda Triangle. Since the end of the nineteenth-century people have been constantly disappearing here, over the years only their headless corpses are found.

The first case happened in 1898 with a group of gold-diggers and after that, the series of tragic incidents have been increasing. Murder investigations didn’t lead to anything, deep forests and high mountains hid all traces of bloody crimes.

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