Zodiac signs that love solitude and loneliness

Zodiac signs that love solitude and loneliness


Some signs of the zodiac, despite being outgoing and having a wide circle of friends, sometimes need to retire from the world and noise and stay in the company of themselves. This does not mean that they are introverts or antisocial individuals, but sometimes they need to be alone with themselves in order to find balance, calm down and gather strength. Read on Joy-pup which signs feel the need to spend time alone from time to time.


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Cheerful and sociable Geminis have an urgent need to be alone from time to time. Since this sign has a huge circle of acquaintances, he does not stop communicating, meeting people and generally having fun in every possible way. But there are times when he feels tired and his energy has dried up, then they need to recharge. He wants to calm down, relax a little by himself, take a break from others, and then return to his daily life. The ambivalence of Gemini sometimes weighs them down, because on the one hand, he wants to be on the move all the time, but a part of him wants to detox, rest and get away from the hustle and bustle.


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Aquarians love freedom and crave more time to be in solitude. This is his chance to calm down and relax without interacting with anyone. At normal times, they like to surround themselves with a crowd of people, but at some point this activity tires him, and he wants to recharge his batteries again. He is not antisocial, but likes to isolate himself from others from time to time. Even though Aquarians love to talk, they also need absolute silence, this brings benefits and balance to their lives. This sign can spend endless hours on the couch watching TV shows or playing video games, but after a few days of moral rest, it becomes active again.


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Pisces is a sign that gets charged very easily. He is influenced by those around him, their psychology, bad energy in space, and he has a huge need to move away from everyone and discharge from all this. During isolation, he can sleep for several hours, because this calms down and relaxes. This is the moment when his mind expels all negative thoughts. Pisces are also dreamers. They love to dream up and let their imagination run wild, but it’s comfortable to do it all alone. It is extremely important for them to isolate themselves for several hours during the day in order to relax. If Pisces is not given this opportunity, they will be under too much pressure, which leads to stressful situations.

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