10 styles of skirts that you can’t do without in spring and summer 2020


The fancy skirt of 2020 is a sensible piece of clothing that goes well with any shoes and any outerwear. Sneakers and a pencil skirt? Easily! A translucent veiling skirt and coarse boots? Excellent idea! Heels and a floor-length skirt? Yes, please! There are no restrictions and prohibitions in the spring-summer fashion 2020 but there is a huge selection of skirts, which we will gladly discuss in a review from Joy-pup.


10 styles of skirts

Mini length is back! It’s simply impossible to imagine the hot summer of 2020 without this skirt, especially since it went through a noticeable transformation. Fashionable women can add short leather models (without a sign of vulgarity) and plaid skirts of an interesting cut to their wardrobe. They can choose among tucked, flared, circular, wrap and asymmetric skirts. The form can be straight, close-fitting or trapezoid.

skirt trapezoid
mini skirts
white dress
skirt with flounces

Leather skirts

These styles are suitable for spring. Leather skirts have won the audience of fashion catwalks in 2020. Not a single collection could do without this stylish thing. Short and below the knee, with cuts, with a belt and wrap skirts – the variety is really impressive. In spring and summer, stylists recommend combining leather skirts with currently popular crop tops. Another novelty of the season is white leather skirts, as well as pleated models.

Kaya gerber leather skirts
Leather skirts 2020
Leather skirts
black Leather skirts

Wrap skirts

Probably the most fashionable skirt of 2020 is a wrap skirt. Short styles showing the legs, as well as elongated silhouettes of light fabrics, are suitable for summer. In spring you can wear leather skirts and models from velveteen, suede, knitted fabric.

Wrap skirts
the most fashionable skirt of 2020
the most fashionable skirt of 2020
the most fashionable skirt of 2020

Front vent skirt is another trend of the season.

Front vent skir
green skirt

Pleated skirts

Pleated skirts
©thestyleograph / Instagram

Pleating is the hottest new trend, that brought back womanliness in tandem with practicality. Long styles of light weightless fabrics are combined with sneakers and sports T-shirts today. And elegant pleated skirts create stylish outfits with warm sweaters.

красная женская юбка
©thestyleograph / Instagram
metallic skirt
metallic black skirt
turquoise skirt

Stylish denim

Stylish denim

You won’t go without denim in the summer and spring of 2020. Besides fashionable jeans, you’ll find feminine skirts from this sensible fabric. What denim skirts are fashionable in 2020, you’d ask? Completely different: short, long, midi, wrap and flounce skirts – choose options to wear with sneakers and heels. Don’t forget that denim monochrome with shirts and denim jackets are also relevant this spring.

What jeans skirts are trendy in 2020
denim skirts are trendy in 2020
fashionable denim skirts

Floor length skirts

Maxi length leaves a lot of space for imagination. Summer 2020 long skirts are suitable for both slender and overweight girls. Choose fashionable shoes and you’ll be on the high horse!

Floor length skirts
Floor length skirts
Floor length skirtsFloor length skirts

The floor length skirt perfectly harmonizes with white and black shirts, as well as light lace tops. Bright neon and vent skirts are the novelty of this season.

fuchsia color skirt

Decorated skirts

Rouche, flounces and lace became the hit of the spring-summer 2020 season. Skirts with veiling, flared styles with ruffles, layering and asymmetry are the main trends when choosing an elegant outfit.

Decorated skirts
Skirt with fatin
Skirt with fatin
skirts with ruffles

Light silk skirts made of shiny fabric, as well as asymmetric cut models are among novelties for women.

Light silk skirts
silk skirts made of shiny fabric
silk skirts

Pencil skirt

The classic pencil style is suitable for casual outfits and for the office. In 2020, couturiers diversified these skirts with vents, buttons and pockets. We suppose all fashionistas have long been aware that the pencil skirt goes well with sneakers and shirts!

модная юбка
business style
fashionable skirt for a girl
white onions

Print and trendy colors

Trendy colors of 2020 are red, yellow, orange, green, lavender and blue. When choosing a spring or summer skirt, give preference to bright colors or pay attention to a fashionable print. Small flowers, animal prints, tropical themes and a check are on trend..

fashionable skirt print
fashionable skirt print
fatin skirt
girl in a skirt
skirt in a flower
women's skirt
beautiful skirt
fashionable skirt

Voluminous skirts

Volume and attention to detail have become trends in the 2020 spring season. Therefore, it is not surprising that multilayer skirts withveiling, netting, underskirts and draperies are so popular.

weird skirt
new skirt
black skirt
green fatin skirt

Any length of the bouffant skirts (from mini to maxi) is popular this season.

Lush skirts
Lush skirts

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