7 trend colors spring-summer 2023: the most important clothing colors

7 trend colors spring-summer 2023: the most important clothing colors


The desire for balance, the desire to change, the need for comfort and security – this is how the next fashion season will be shaped. In the course of the last New York Fashion Week, the Pantone Color Institute presented a report on the fashionable colors in spring-summer 2023. They show the desire of girls to find a balance, to feel comfortable and to familiarize the trends with the fashionistas. At the same time, there is a tendency towards carelessness, dynamism and joy.

The nuances of spring 2023 harmonize well with each other, can be mixed and combined to form harmonious palettes. They emphasize a woman’s playfulness and also encourage new explorations. What will be the hottest spring-summer colors in 2023 and what should girls look out for?

PANTONE 12-4401 Spun Sugar – Cotton Candy

trend colors spring-summer 1
trend colors spring-summer 2

This is a delicate shade of blue that impresses with its depth and incredible beauty. At the Institute of Color it is described as a sweet, airy tone. And designers offer girls not to be afraid to combine it with bright red, orange or saturated shades of green.

PANTONE 13-1513 Gossamer Pink – Rosa Spinnennetz

trend colors spring-summer 3
trend colors spring-summer 4

Do not be afraid to create the most daring mono looks in this color. It’s perfect for sublime girls because pink represents tenderness and openness. This shade is light, attractive and very subtle. It can be combined with white, yellow or blue. Looks great on outerwear as well as dresses and blouses. Check out what to wear with pink too.

PANTONE 19-4151 Skydiver – parachutist

trend colors spring-summer 5
trend colors spring-summer 6

Blue doesn’t go out of style. But in the new season it will be deeper, more intense and unique. It seems that he inspires us to conquer new heights. Hence, designers are advised not to give it up in their daily look. In spring, for example, you can choose blue and blue pants, jackets or bright accessories in this tone.

PANTONE 14-0850 Daffodil – Narcissus

trend colors spring-summer 7
trend colors spring-summer 8

A color that comes close to the now fashionable yellow. Pantone suggests using it again in their outfits, but at the same time prefers a more saturated tone. It is like a fragrant flower that unfolds and inspires with its beauty. You can combine it with rich green, heavenly blue or classic shades: gray, pastel, light black.

PANTONE 18-4728 harbor blue

trend colors spring-summer 9
trend colors spring-summer10

It’s a teal color that represents finding a safe place. It seems to lead you to a beautiful harbor, separate from anything that prevents us from feeling happy. The shade is more turquoise, is well balanced and is perfect for beautiful spring looks. You can combine it with almost any tone.

PANTONE 18-1019 Coca Mocha – Coffee

trend colors spring-summer 11
trend colors spring-summer 12

The hue stands out against the background of others. It’s bright and dynamic and encourages us to move forward, to get closer to our goal. And in the girl’s wardrobe the tone looks elegant and rich. You can wear nice shirts, leather pants or shorts, jackets. This color goes well with dark grays or lighter tones.

PANTONE 18-1564 Poinciana – bright red

trend colors spring-summer13
trend colors spring-summer 14

his color becomes dynamic across the palette. It inspires new deeds and also characterizes a bright, determined and courageous woman. Don’t be afraid to go for mono looks or look for accessories that complement your style.

In addition, Pantone recommends using basic shades in your outfits: white, beige, light and dark gray, basil. They are most commonly found in designer collections. And you can safely harmonize them with each other.

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