Tops are in the fashion TOP: the best spring-summer 2023 models

Tops are in the fashion TOP: the best spring-summer 2023 models


Crop bra tops, bustiers, bandeau, and bralette are considered one of the main trends in spring and summer 2023. Fashion icons such as Bella Hadid, Kaya Gerber, Emily Ratakovsky wear these fashionable clothes not only on the catwalk but also in everyday life.

Bella Hadid
Emily Ratakovsky
Kaya Gerber

Joy-pup is following the latest trends, and we are ready to show you the best models of women’s tops for spring and summer 2023. Enjoy the photos and get inspired for a new look!

Crop Tops: New 2023 styles

Crop Top is a shortened version of a top or T-shirt that doesn’t cover the lower abdomen. Such models were popular in the 90s of the last century, and in 2023 they turned out to be a must-have in a women’s basic wardrobe. Crop tops are worn with skirts and high waisted jeans. They also create a nice combination with trendy blazers and trouser suits in 2023.

Crop Tops
New 2020 styles
New 2020 styles

There’s a great variety of crop tops today. They can have long or short sleeves, wide or thin straps, be without straps, or be worn on one shoulder. Such models are mainly suitable for slim girls, however, there are lots of beautiful designs for tops, blouses, and crop-length shirts for ladies with curves. Everyone can create a modern look wearing tops in combination with proper trousers or skirts and stylish outerwear.

great variety of crop tops
crop tops
crop tops 2020
crop tops  polka dot
crop tops
dark crop tops
white crop tops

Fashion trends in 2023 are crop top with ruffles and bare shoulders. The main fabrics of the spring-summer season are cotton, knitwear, eco-leather, silk, satin, chiffon.

Fashion trends in 2020
crop top with ruffles
crop top with ruffles

We recommend wearing a crop-top dress with guipure, mesh or lace as dinner clothes. Such models of dresses are often chosen for a wedding or graduation in 2023.

crop-top dress
crop-top dress
crop-top dress
crop-top dress

Bra and Bandeau Tops

Bra tops made of leather, lace, or silk hit all fashion records of 2023. The world was impressed by the fashionable satin tops shown at the Givenchy spring-summer 2023 collection show. Such tops fit perfectly with leather skirts and trousers of various styles.

Bra tops made of leather
Bra tops  leather

Another trendy accessory for the summer of 2023 is the bralette. Such bold styles of tops are worn on a naked body or combined with trendy shirts and blouses of 2023. Knitted and sport tops are also popular this season. Lace elements will add some romance and mystery to the image, and leather tops will suit women who got used to being in the highlight.

bralette 2020
bralette dark

Minimalist strapless bandeau tops took the catwalks by storm at Paris and Milan Fashion Week. And now they can be seen on the streets, because this is the perfect element of the street-style wardrobe.

strapless bandeau tops
bandeau tops
bandeau tops

Lingerie Style: Trendy Bustier Tops 2023

Fashion for lingerie style is relevant as never before. Climate change and global warming keep pace with 2023 fashion trends. So in the spring and summer of 2023, bustier tops will be popular. These are very short tight-fitting blouses that simultaneously resemble both a bra and a corsage. This season, fashionistas prefer lace, jeans and knitted models, combining them with skirts and trousers of different styles.

Lingerie Style
Trendy Bustier Tops 2020
Bustier Tops 2020
Tops 2020

It’s interesting to know. Bustiers became popular in the 50s of the last century, thanks to the French actress Brigitte Bardot and fashion designer Christian Dior. That’s why this item of women’s wardrobe is also called a Bardot top

Corsets 2023

A feminine and unique corset has become one of the most sought-after trends in the spring-summer 2023 season. Today it is worn over a shirt or dress, hidden under a jacket, and used to emphasize the slim silhouette.

Corsets 2020

Leather corset belts have also become must-have accessories in women’s wardrobe.

Corsets blue

Fashionable tank tops and t-shirts for the summer: photo selection 2023

Fashionable inscribed T-shirts are beyond competition this season. Girls tuck them in jeans, tie them around the waist and wear them with classic jackets and vests. Waggish images, vibrant prints, and trendy colors on tank tops and T-shirts 2023 delight fashionistas with their diversity.

photo selection 2020
Fashionable inscribed T-shirts
 t-shirts for the summer
Fashionable tank tops  for the summer
Fashionable tank tops
Fashionable  t-shirts
t-shirts for the summer
fashion 2020

Crop top combinations in the spring and summer of 2023

Trendy tops 2023 are combined with jeans, pants, culottes and even dresses. This season, bustier tops and bralettes are worn on top of polo necks, turtlenecks, and tight-fitting T-shirts.

Crop top combinations
Crop top combinations in the spring and summer of 2020
Trendy tops 2020
 tight-fitting T-shirts
 tight-fitting T-shirts
fashion clothes
ирина шейк

Crop tops are combined with jackets and fashionable vests this season.

Crop tops 2020
Crop tops
бела хадид в кроп топ
irina shake crop top
striped sports crop top

Let’s have a look at the most stylish combinations for the spring-summer 2023 fashion outfits: bra top + see-through blouse or cardigan + bra top.

 bra top  see-through blouse
sports crop top

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