Business bags that are perfect for the office

Business bags that are perfect for the office


There are many practical handbags, but not every model is suitable for everyday carrying to the office. Indeed, in a business setting, you need to look serious enough, and not as if you just came from a party. Therefore, when choosing an office bag, you should follow a few basic rules that you will learn on Joy-pup.

Handbag for the office: basic rules

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1. Simple design and material

An office bag should typically be done in muted colors, but it can be tailored to match the outfit. However, do without flashy inscriptions, prints or additions. Choose a bag made of quality material, best of all – genuine leather. But well-crafted artificial leather or dense canvas fabrics will also do.

Business bags that are perfect for the office 2

2. Neat look

A good office bag doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does need to look good. For example, the seams must be carefully finished, and good care also plays an important role. The bag should be free of holes, stains and visible scratches. Therefore, thoroughly clean them and care for leather bags with appropriate products.

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3. Convenient size

An office bag should hold a lot: in addition to a wallet, a cosmetic bag, a smartphone, an umbrella, a water bottle and maybe even a lunchbox, the bag should also have room for a laptop or documents. How big it should be depends a lot on your job and how many things you have to carry in it every day.

Current models of office bags

If you always have a laptop and documents with you, you definitely cannot avoid using a briefcase or a laptop bag. This is the only way to prevent the paper from warping, which can happen in almost any other handbag. If you can do without wearing these important things every day, you can use the following models that are suitable for the office.

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Maxi bag. Large bags are back in fashion and are perfect for the office. Here you can store everything, even a tablet or laptop. For work, a model with a sufficient number of internal pockets is suitable.

Bucket bag. If you don’t need to carry around your laptop and documents, a bucket bag will do. Their advantage lies in the large storage capacity. The disadvantage is that it is not easy to keep things in order in it.

Two bags. This season, the trend is to wear two or three bags at the same time. This is a practical solution for the office, especially since you can store business and personal items separately. If you want to go to a meeting with friends right after work, you can just leave your business bag at the office and take your “personal bag” with you.

Bags of graphic form. Round or square bags are very popular and look chic. This accessory will be the perfect addition to your laptop bag. Unfortunately, most models are not suitable as the only office bag because they are too small.

Office backpack. You can also use a backpack for most jobs, but only if you don’t work at a conservative job like a bank or court. A big advantage of a backpack: it relieves your shoulders. You also get plenty of storage space. The backpack is suitable for representatives of creative professions.

Current trends of bags that are not suitable for the office

However, there are also a few trendy bags that clearly do not fit the work dress code. Therefore, you should leave some models for other occasions.

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Transparent bags are some of the trendiest, but your boss and co-workers don’t have to know what you’re carrying.

Bag with fringes – these bags are too flashy and glamorous for the office.

Micro Bag – As the name suggests, these bags are the opposite of maxi bags and are therefore very small. This also explains why they are not suitable as office bags. There just isn’t enough storage space.

Belt bag – a belt bag worn on the side, in any case, you need to get used to. This is not suitable for everyday office life because your look will be too casual for most jobs.

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