Trendy Ear Piercing 2022: Top Trends

Trendy Ear Piercing 2022: Top Trends


Today it is fashionable to experiment with your appearance. Girls can not be afraid to choose bright hairstyles and eye-catching makeup. Also, stylists recommend experimenting with ear piercings, not dwelling on the classics. We at joy-pup will tell you about trendy ear piercings in 2022.


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Such a piercing means a puncture of the cartilage, which is located in the center of the auricle. You can wear an elegant earring or a gold ring, which will add sophistication to your look. Often it is combined with classic piercing.


Trendy Ear Piercing 2022: Top Trends 2

This is an elegant and very beautiful option for every girl. Small earrings, located next to each other, create the effect of a scattering of stars. You can choose the same stud earrings or different colors and styles to play with the contrast.


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This piercing was undeservedly forgotten for several years. But in 2022, it is worth paying attention to it again. This type of piercing is quite complex – one earring connects two piercings. Thanks to this, your image will look bright, unusual and quite interesting. The piercing is perfect for an urban look.

Two holes side by side

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This ear piercing is also called a snakebite. It looks gentle and feminine. Punctures can be on the lower part of the earlobe or in another part of the ear. You can wear ordinary carnations, rings, pendants and other earrings.


Trendy Ear Piercing 2022: Top Trends 5

If you do not like punctures, piercing can be done using clips called cuffs. They can be concise, barely noticeable, or very catchy, huge. Basically, these cuffs are worn on the middle part of the ear.

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