What to buy for the spring: a fashionable horoscope for all signs of the zodiac

What to buy for the spring: a fashionable horoscope for all signs of the zodiac


We can dress according to the weather, follow the fashion, dress for a specific occasion and according to the mood. What if you look at fashion trends through the eyes of an astrologer? Joy-pup.com is actively preparing for the spring of 2021 and at the same time studying what the stars are preparing for us in the new season. Let’s combine the useful with the pleasant and consider what new clothing items to buy before spring, according to the sign of the zodiac. Make yourself comfortable, it will be interesting!

Fashion by horoscope: why?

Our world is oversupplied with things. Clothes, shoes, accessories – all this is bought and thrown away after several promenades. Each season, new fashion trends appear and you want to follow them. In order not to buy everything and not clutter your space with useless things, trust the fashion horoscope and try on clothes that match your character. Are you ready to test the power of astrology?


You are a leader by nature and you don’t like ordinary things. You actively follow fashion trends, and there are many bright, stylish and extraordinary things in your wardrobe.

fashionable horoscope

Astrologer’s recommendation. Refresh your spring 2021 wardrobe with a light, casual dress. Mini dresses with puffy sleeves are in fashion, so don’t deny yourself the pleasure of trying on the fashion trends of the season.


Your top priority is comfort. When choosing clothes, you, first of all, think about practicality: turgidity and bravery are not about you.

fashionable horoscope 2

Astrologer’s recommendation. In spring 2021, take a step towards elegance and swap your favorite biker jacket for a stylish long blazer. And instead of jeans, try on a light translucent skirt or a short dress. Believe me, in tandem with comfortable shoes you will really like such an outfit!


Your character is an explosive “kinder surprise”. Nobody knows what mood you will have in a minute. But in the field of fashion and style, you show enviable stability: “falling in love” with a dress is as easy as shelling peas for you. And this love will be mutual and forever. At the same time, you follow the trends accurately: everything in your closet is arranged according to colors, seasons and styles.

fashionable horoscope 3

Astrologer’s recommendation. In 2021, the stars are predicting your career progression. Don’t forget to get a trouser suit for the spring season. A check blazer and black bell-bottomed trousers will liven up and make your business look more beautiful.


You know how to show your sensuality and at the same time keep the ability to think logically. Your patroness, the Moon, often inspires you to create romantic images.

fashionable horoscope4

Astrologer’s recommendation. Follow your likes and don’t forget about the trendy colors of 2021. Shades of blue and pink, classic silhouettes and a touch of romance will work for you.


Leos got accustomed to being the center of attention and shocking others with their appearance and behavior. You are independent and creative about what you wear: you like to combine colors in clothes, try on new forms and buy accessories.

Fashion horoscope 5
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Astrologer’s recommendation. Buy clothes in bright colors and don’t be afraid to combine them. We know you have the courage.


Your strong point is practicality and versatility. You are not inclined to lose your head over a new dress, but if you like a particular style of clothing, then this is love for life.

Fashion horoscope 6

Astrologer’s recommendation. Pay attention to the fashion trend of 2021 – oversized jackets. Wear this basic item of a women’s wardrobe with a long ’90s dress, trendy trousers, or a pleated skirt.


You have a great sense of style and understanding of the happy medium. You know how to weigh the pros and cons and make the best decision. The same goes for clothing – you follow trends and can easily create harmonious looks.

Fashion horoscope 7
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Astrologer’s recommendation. Add some mystery – try on a super-trendy cape made of organza or other sheer fabric.


Showiness and sexuality are your main tools. You know how to leave a good impression on others and how to use clothes wisely to emphasize your advantages and benefits.

Fashion horoscope 8

Astrologer’s recommendation. Try on bright dresses and suits in rich colors for the new season.

Fashion horoscope 9


Clothes aren’t a goal, or even a ladder for Sagittarius. You are accustomed to a standard wardrobe and rarely decide to experiment.

Fashion horoscope10

Astrologer’s recommendation. If it is still difficult for you to change the classic to grunge, try to freshen up your spring look with bright and unusual accessories. Colored shoes and bags, large jewelry, belt, high gloves are the things you’ll need this spring.


Capricorns are born leaders: they are reasonable, active and patient in dealing with people. They show pretty the same qualities in relation to clothing. According to Capricorns, things should be practical and functional, serve for a long time and be inexpensive. Beauty is in the background for this sign of the zodiac.

Fashion horoscope 11

Astrologer’s recommendation. Do something completely out of character. For example, buy yourself a suit with a cropped top or a dress with a flared skirt for spring 2021. Your new look will appeal to you and others.


You are an active energizer, able to boost everyone around with your positive energy. Your looks are always bright, relevant and very stylish. After all, you follow fashion and love trying on new shades in clothes.

Fashion horoscope 12
Fashion horoscope 13

Astrologer’s recommendation. It seems that you have tried everything in creating your own individual style. If trendy prints are still unexplored by you, try some new patterns. Polka dots, animal print, check – all this is relevant in 2021.


In terms of fashion, you are ahead of the rest. You change new models and styles of clothes, shoes, bags, accessories like socks. At the same time, you value comfort and your individuality. You adore different textures and colors, love to feel the touch of soft fabrics on your body.

Fashion horoscope 14

Astrologer’s recommendation. Try new materials: linen, satin, eco-leather – these fabrics are the hottest trends in 2021. Play with textures using neutral shades at the same time.

Did you like the trendy horoscope? We sincerely hope that you will find an interesting spring look for yourself. Feel free to share which of the astrologers’ recommendations you liked.

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