Bad habits that cause facial skin to age

Bad habits that cause facial skin to age


As we age, we may see our facial skin become less elastic. Wrinkles appear on it, it acquires a grayish tint. And it can provoke some bad habits. What affects our skin, and what should be eliminated immediately?

A lot of sugar

Bad habits that cause facial skin to age 1

If you eat a lot of sugar, you can harm your skin. After all, it can react with protein. Because of this, elastic fibers lose their structure and age faster. The skin will be loose and flabby.

Alcohol consumption

If you regularly consume alcoholic beverages, you may soon notice unpleasant consequences. So, large blood vessels will be visible on the face, which are stretched due to alcohol. They give the face a reddish color, and the skin will not receive the vitamins and nutrients it needs.

Pimple popping

Bad habits that cause facial skin to age 2

Do you have rashes on your skin? You don’t have to squeeze them out right away. Otherwise, touching acne with your hands, you can lead to inflammation. They affect the deeper layers of the skin and cause damage to it, including acne scars.


This is one of the most bad habits that has a very bad effect on the skin. In principle, looking at a person’s face, you can immediately tell if he smokes. After all, wrinkles around the eyes quickly appear on the skin, and it also acquires a grayish tint. It may also begin to sag.

You don’t drink enough plain water

Bad habits that cause facial skin to age 3

You need to drink plain water, and in sufficient quantities. Otherwise, dehydration leads to rapid aging of the skin, it will be inelastic, and many wrinkles will appear on it.

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