Rose Water for Face: uses and benefits

Rose Water for Face: uses and benefits


Rose water is one of the oldest beauty recipes that should be included in your daily routine. It has long been recognized that it brings tremendous benefits to the skin of the face. What is rose water and how to use it correctly – read on Joy-pup.

Rose Water for Face: uses and benefits 1

What is rose water?

Rose water is made from rose petals for cosmetic and health use. The main ingredient is rose extract. It is created by distilling freshly picked rose petals with water vapor. The traditional uses of rose water range from cosmetics to food and drink.

In skin care, rose water tonic is the most popular. Tonic balances pH while moisturizing and nourishing the skin. Thanks to ingredients high in vitamins A, C and a number of other nutrients, it is able to balance skin moisture, shrink pores, fight aging and reduce dark circles under the eyes. It is also used to remove makeup.

Benefits of rose water for skin

In the beauty industry, there are entire lines of ready-made products with rose water. It can also be purchased at a pharmacy or prepared by yourself.

Rose Water for Face: uses and benefits 2

Normalizes the pH level of the skin

A low pH makes the skin dry, while a high pH makes it oily. Rose water has an average pH of 5-6. This ingredient soothes and gently moisturizes the skin, thus balancing its pH level. It has astringent properties that remove dirt from the pores and unclog the pores.


Rose essence and vitamin A act on the epidermis deep within the skin to help the skin retain moisture and firm the skin. Use rose water to balance the pH levels after washing your face and pave the way for other skin care products to penetrate your skin.

Rose Water for Face: uses and benefits 3

Soothes the skin

Soothing and bringing the skin back to a balanced state is a great effect of rose water. Especially useful for facial skin that is sunburned after exposure to the sun.

Skin cell regeneration

Rose water effectively exfoliates the skin when combined with other natural ingredients such as lemon juice or glycerin. This mixture will have the effect of regenerating cellular tissues, keeping the skin soft and smooth.

Rose Water for Face: uses and benefits 4

Tightens pores

The presence of large pores forces women to apply a denser layer of foundation in certain areas of the face. Rose water effectively tightens pores and reduces oily skin. Therefore, immediately after washing your face in the morning and evening, apply rose water, especially in the T-zone.

Anti-aging effect

Rose water is popular in anti-aging skin care. It will help to remove crow’s feet, reduce wrinkles, remove age spots, providing nutrients that help the skin become more elastic. Thanks to the antioxidants present in it, the aging process slows down, so women of any age should not ignore this product.

Rose Water for Face: uses and benefits 5

Reduces puffiness

Put a container of rose water in the refrigerator for half an hour, then pour some water on a cotton pad and gently apply it under your eyes. This will help not only cleanse the skin, but also prevent and reduce puffiness.

For acne

Due to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, rose water is used to prevent and treat acne. It effectively cleans and heals wounds, kills bacteria and prevents any infections. Its anti-inflammatory properties and mild moisturizing properties can help heal acne scars quickly.

Rose Water for Face: uses and benefits 6

Prevents skin irritation

Rose water is also used after shaving. It will not only make the area after shaving more comfortable, preventing irritation, but also leave a wonderfully pleasant fragrance on the skin.

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