How to restore the skin after stress: 10 tips

How to restore the skin after stress: 10 tips


Facial skin can age prematurely as a result of stressful conditions. If you have experienced severe stress, you need to take care of its recovery, and immediately. We at joy-pup will give you 10 important tips.

How does stress affect the skin?

How to restore the skin after stress: 10 tips 1

When the body experiences stress, a person’s state of mind not only changes. As a result of the release of certain hormones, the skin, hair, and nails suffer. Due to stress, the following effects on the skin can be observed:

  • premature wrinkles;
  • inflammation;
  • loss of skin elasticity;
  • eczema and rosacea;
  • dry skin;
  • the appearance of pigmentation;
  • the presence of itching;
  • dullness of the skin.

10 Tips for Skin Restoration

How to restore the skin after stress: 10 tips 2

If you want to restore your skin, you need to follow a few rules.

  1. Practice meditation and yoga to reduce stress levels in your body. You will relax, feel peace and be able to regain your beauty.
  2. Try aromatherapy, do facial massages. It is useful not only for stress, but also if you need to tone the skin, slow down the appearance of fine wrinkles.
  3. Walk in nature. Make it a rule to spend at least an hour on the street every day, distracted from gadgets and computers. Fresh air will oxygenate your skin and help you recover.
  4. Go in for sports. Daily gymnastics, going to the gym help to distract from stressful situations and improve the condition of the body.
  5. Take care of your skin. Use cleansers, toners, moisturizers and serums. By saturating the dermis with useful trace elements, you will avoid its aging.
  6. Drink water. Sufficient hydration can improve the condition of the dermis, avoid its dryness, as well as the appearance of premature wrinkles. She will be healthy and beautiful.
  7. Give up decorative cosmetics. If you have experienced deep stress, you need to gradually restore the skin. Experts believe that a skin detox will help with this, which means giving up cosmetics for a while.
  8. Review nutrition. Your diet should be varied, but consist exclusively of healthy foods. It is important to exclude fatty, fried, as well as alcohol.
  9. Take good care of your face. Stress can cause bags under the eyes or dark circles. Choose eye patches that can help reduce puffiness.
  10. Adjust your sleep. Don’t neglect rest. During times of stress, you need to get enough sleep, which will help the body restore its strength.
How to restore the skin after stress: 10 tips 3

Also, do not forget that you need to reconsider your lifestyle and completely abandon bad habits. This will keep the skin youthful.

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