Top Unusual Instagram Accounts

Top Unusual Instagram Accounts


It’s hard to tell where the line between genius and insanity lies, but the owners of the following Instagram pages clearly have a share of both. We at Joy-pup have collected the most creative and unusual Instagram accounts for you.

Shopping that kills men: @miserable_men

Top Unusual Instagram Accounts 1

If your boyfriend loves to go shopping with you, you are lucky. After all, most men can not tolerate this occupation. Usually tormented bored men sit somewhere in a corner on a bench or sofa, littered with packages with already purchased purchases. And lazily chew or read something. And the expression on their faces is such that you want to take pity and take the poor fellows out of the store. This painful topic is dedicated to the funny account @miserable_men which means “Unfortunate men” in English. Well, the truth is, you won’t look without laughing! In total, 338 thousand people have subscribed to this account.

Parody of modern girls: @omgliterallydead

Top Unusual Instagram Accounts 2

This funny skeleton is called Skelly, and she is the most alive of all living things. At least according to her Instagram profile. Skelly’s life is typical. She, like an ordinary woman, takes standard selfies with friends and flowers, does yoga, goes for manicures, tries on jewelry, sunbathes and enjoys life. Her Instagram account @omgliterallydead skillfully makes fun of the photos of many female Instagrammers. And for some reason, society likes to watch the life of this plastic skeleton. Skelli’s account is becoming more and more popular every day. To date, 224 thousand people have subscribed to this bony exhibit. Looking at all this beauty, I would like to thank those people who know how to misbehave and masterfully have a great sense of humor.

Pretty ghost:

Top Unusual Instagram Accounts 3

Have you ever noticed that someone is following your social media feed? Views your photos, likes, subscribes and unsubscribes? It’s all a ghost. Yes, now the ghosts have their own accounts. Mr. Bu lives in Barcelona and leads a colorful life, which he willingly shares on his Instagram. He does not intimidate anyone, does not wander through cemeteries and abandoned houses. The ghost just loves to travel and take pictures in interesting, minimalistic and not at all creepy places. Now Boo has already accumulated more than 86 thousand subscribers. His photographs are indeed a little scary, but mostly they amuse and make people laugh.

Follow me: @muradosmann

Top Unusual Instagram Accounts 4

You, for sure, have come across the photo project “Follow Me” more than once. Its author is photographer and producer Murat Osmann. By the hand all over the planet we are led by his beloved named Natalia. Together they travel the world and take amazing photos in their unified style. By the way, not only stunning landscapes excite when looking at the photo, but also the image of a girl who every time more and more surprises with the originality and beauty of her image. More than 3 million subscribers admire the amazing pictures of the photographer. They can not only make a virtual journey, but also enjoy the unique view of the photographer on their homeland.

Most stylish dog: @mensweardog

Top Unusual Instagram Accounts 5

The @mensweardog account is dedicated to the most charismatic and, perhaps, the most stylish dog of the Shiba Inu breed named Bodhi. He definitely has excellent taste in clothes and an incredible sense of style. His costumes are the envy of all fashionistas. Bodhi participates in advertising campaigns, attends fashion weeks and collects a lot of likes on social networks, posing in fashionable clothes. More than 396 thousand users have subscribed to the page with him.

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