10 most inventive smugglers

10 most inventive smugglers


The tougher the bans on smuggling, the more resourceful is the person who decided to do it. Sometimes offenders go to the invention of the most ingenious and daring methods of transporting prohibited goods. But even experienced smugglers have lapses, which we will tell you about at joy-pup.com.

Cigarettes in logs

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A huge disappointment befell the smugglers on the border with Poland. The criminals came up with a rather cunning way to smuggle contraband from Belarus. In the process of checking among 27 tons of timber, law enforcement officers found 55 logs with caches inside. There were 25 thousand packs of cigarettes, mostly of Belarusian production, without excise stamps. I wonder what prompted law enforcement officers to such a check? But even more interesting is how they managed to put tobacco products into logs, because this is a whole art. But despite the creativity of the smugglers, the trees with the bonus inside never reached their destination.

Reptiles under clothes

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The Norwegian customs service managed to detain an unusual violator of the law, who tried to bring 14 pythons and 10 geckos into the country. The man wrapped the little serpents in socks and tied them to the torso with tape. And under the underwear, the employees of the control service managed to find another 10 boxes, in which there were 10 legless albino lizards. By the way, the smuggler almost got his way, the customs officers did not suspect anything, but then they accidentally discovered a tarantula in his luggage. It was because of the tarantula that a full check followed.

Vest of 100 iPhones

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A resourceful guy from Hong Kong decided to smuggle over a hundred iPhones in the best tradition of drug smuggling films. To do this, the carrier carefully laid the gadgets and carefully rewound them with electrical tape. The smuggler put on the resulting vest and shorts. The boy was let down by his gait, it was very unusual. The vigilant law enforcement officers immediately decided to check the unfortunate carrier’s hand luggage, but found nothing suspicious. But when he was asked to go through a metal detector, it became clear that the concern was not in vain. When the man was examined and found that 100 iPhones were tied to him, there was no limit to his surprise.

Cocaine instead of silicone

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A Panamanian citizen was arrested at Barcelona International Airport while trying to smuggle drugs across the border in her own chest. Instead of silicone implants in the bust, the girl was found to have two bags of cocaine. The attention of the policemen was attracted by her strange behavior. As a result, it was decided to examine and interrogate the girl. During a personal search, the law enforcement officers noticed that she had a gauze bandage under her breasts. The girl admitted that she recently had plastic surgery, but the stitches have not healed and continue to bleed. Paramedics were called to the scene and they discovered the deception. Instead of silicone breast implants, they found two bags of liquid cocaine, the total weight of which was 1.5 kg. The girl admitted that difficult financial circumstances pushed her to this.

Ingots of gold in the stomach

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Smugglers are sometimes incredibly resourceful. And it remains only to be surprised how customs officers unravel all their tricks. For example, at the international airport “Tashkent”, law enforcement agencies detained a man who tried to illegally take out almost half a kilogram of gold by swallowing it. Using a scanner, “foreign metal objects” were found in the passenger’s internal organs. As it turned out, it was 14 small home-made gold bars with a total weight of 434 grams, worth about 17 thousand dollars. There was also another similar case in the Uzbek capital, when a 19-gram piece of cast gold was found in the stomach of a woman.

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