The most shocking things that fell from the sky

The most shocking things that fell from the sky


It turns out that not only snow, rain and meteorites fall from the sky. History also remembers other, more rare cases of exotic precipitation. Read on Joy-pup about the strangest things that have fallen from the sky.

1. Rain of living spiders

The most shocking things that fell from the sky 1

This is every human’s nightmare, or at least a nightmare for an anarachnophobe. Residents of the eastern Brazilian state of Minas Gerais captured a cluster of spiders in the sky. They called this phenomenon “spider rain”. And while raining spiders sounds like the title of a thriller, the phenomenon is actually not that rare. Falling spiders have also been seen in Florida, Argentina and several other places around the world. According to scientists, spiders of the species Anelosimus eximius lead a “social” lifestyle. And, as a rule, they all gather together for hunting, together they build a huge network of cobwebs between bushes and trees in order to trap more insects. However, if a strong wind blows, the web can break off and launch the spiders into the air. If this happens, then the arthropods picked up by the wind really seem like rain falling from the sky.

2. Mysterious Raw Meat Rain

The most shocking things that fell from the sky 2

Back in 1876, in the small American town of Olympia Springs, Kentucky, an even stranger incident occurred that went down in history as the Kentucky meat shower. Pieces of meat suddenly began to fall from the sky, ranging in size from 10 to 25 square centimeters. The rain of meat continued for several minutes. Some daredevils tasted the mysterious meat and later claimed that it looked like lamb or venison. A reasonable explanation for the phenomenon could not be given. Nevertheless, they do not exclude the possibility that a huge flock of vultures with prey released pieces of meat from their paws.

3. Golf Ball Rain

The most shocking things that fell from the sky 3

On September 1, 1969, golfers in Punta Gorda, Florida believed they had died and gone to heaven – as hundreds of golf balls began to fall on them from the sky. Meteorologists explained that a tornado passing over the coast collected all the water from the pond next to the golf course, and at the same time picked up the balls. After a while, when his rampage subsided, all the balls collapsed. And so it turned out rain or hail of golf balls.

4. Blood rain

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How terrible is it when, instead of the usual rain, an ominous stream pours from the sky – red as blood? It turns out that such bloody rains have happened hundreds of times in history – both in hoary antiquity and in times closer to us. So in 2001, a similar phenomenon was repeated in the Indian state of Kerala. Here for a whole month it rained, resembling blood diluted with water and accompanied by an unpleasant smell.

In America in the middle of the 19th century, there was evidence that it was blood that came from the sky, and human blood at that. Often such rains caused a burning sensation of the skin, and clothes were not washed off from it. Sometimes the grass after such precipitation became bright green, and sometimes shrank. The origin of red rain and its nature are still a mystery. However, according to one version of scientists, such precipitation is directly related to the explosion in the upper atmosphere of a meteorite.

5. Jelly clots

The most shocking things that fell from the sky 5

In August 1994, in the city of Oakville, residents witnessed a real nightmare. It was not the expected rain that began to fall from the sky, but a jelly-like mass that looked rather unpleasant. No one has been able to explain what it is, although many have tried to do so. Within two days, after such a strange phenomenon, almost all the inhabitants of Oakville fell ill. The illness resembled one of the varieties of the viral flu, which lasted from several weeks to three months. It was also strange that the patients found it difficult to breathe.

When scientists examined a sample of this viscous rain, the results shocked everyone. The drops contained white blood cells, similar to human ones. In another laboratory, it was found that the mass also contained two types of bacteria. One of the bacteria is present in the human digestive system. No one was able to understand where this substance came from, and how it caused a mysterious epidemic.

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