Weird Addictions You Didn’t Know About

Weird Addictions You Didn’t Know About


Everyone associates addiction with psychotropic or narcotic substances. However, often even an innocent addiction can become a manic addiction. So, for example, listening to music can start to spoil your life, but there are addictions that are also harmful to health. We at Joy-pup have collected 5 of the strangest addictions that a person can suffer from.

Solarium Obsession

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The presence of a chocolate skin tone for many women becomes the meaning of their lives, and they devote all their time to this, spending the last money on tanning beds and self-tanning. Girls, staying in the solarium for more than 10 minutes and more than 2 times a week, suffer from tanorexia, a psychological dependence on ultraviolet rays. Teenagers and young girls under 25 from countries where the beach season is short are especially prone to tanorexia. Perhaps one reason for addiction is self-affirmation. Therefore, dissatisfaction with oneself and appearance requires consultation with a psychologist and solving internal problems.

Tattoo addiction

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Tattoo mania has an ironic name – “blue disease”. Indeed, it happens that a person, after having made the first tattoo, after a while comes back to the tattoo parlor and makes a new one. Then another, then the next, etc. Sometimes there is a desire to correct or supplement an existing tattoo and a person becomes a regular visitor to tattoo parlors. This leads to the fact that not a single free space remains on the human body.

Psychologists identify several factors that will help answer the question of why people get tattoos. The most common include:

  • experience new sensations;
  • desire to express themselves;
  • an attempt to hide or overcome their complexes;
  • stand out and grab the attention of others.

The carriers themselves often claim that the drawings make them more attractive.

Animal hoarding

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Undoubtedly, love for animals is a wonderful and noble feeling. Many people get pets to avoid loneliness, others – because of pity and compassion for homeless animals. But there is also a separate category of people who have a whole herd of pets, the number of which is simply unthinkable for a normally adequate person.

As a rule, such people claim that everything is fine with them and their pets, and can react very aggressively to any attempts to interfere. Also, hoarders are very attached to their pets and it is incredibly difficult for them to release them. Such behavior of a person indicates problems with the psyche. And animals, in turn, live in terrible conditions, get sick, and at the same time they also multiply.

Coffee addiction

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Many people start their day with a cup of aromatic coffee in order to finally wake up and focus on the robot. But it’s time for dinner – and an invigorating drink again helps to cope with the inevitable drowsiness. If this ritual is repeated from year to year, then over time a person begins to notice that the usual portion of coffee no longer works. It has to be increased and the number of cups of coffee drunk increases. This is how caffeine addiction comes about. Some experts classify it as a mild mental disorder. People who are addicted to caffeine experience euphoria when it enters the body, and in its absence, they experience a state similar to withdrawal. Weaning from caffeine is long and painful.

Cravings for ice

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This addiction is called pagophagia and may indicate health problems. Patients with pagophagia experience an obsessive desire to constantly eat ice. Scientists say it could be a reaction to stress or anemia caused by an iron deficiency. Therefore, if you feel like chewing on a frozen cube, see a doctor. Perhaps by demanding ice, your body is trying to tell you something.

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