Watering plants without a host – Garden hacks and useful tips Part 9 + bonus video

Watering plants without a host – Garden hacks and useful tips Part 9 + bonus video


Bonus video Life hacks for gardeners and summer residents:

Life hack31. How to water plants without a host

There are times when the owners have to leave the summer cottage for a while and leave the grown plants unattended. To avoid problems with watering and save seedlings, you can set up automatic watering. To do this, you will need a tank of water and some high-density paper towels. It is necessary to connect the towels together and lower one end into the liquid, and place the other on the soil next to the plants. The main thing is to prevent the towel from getting on the very roots of the plants, so as not to damage them.

Как поливать растения без хозяина

Life hack32. Prevention of seedling diseases with hydrogen peroxide and magnesia for the transplant process

Hydrogen peroxide is a universal antiseptic that can be used not only for its intended purpose. From the moment that peroxide began to be actively used in medicine, mankind has come up with more and more new methods of application for it. Gardening will be no exception.
Thanks to the same properties of peroxide that are needed to treat a wound, young plants can be protected from various diseases, problems with fungi, rot, which can appear on the root of the plant. In addition, hydrogen peroxide perfectly stimulates the germination of seeds from the soil. To achieve the desired effect, the seedlings must be periodically irrigated with a solution of hydrogen peroxide in water, in the ratio: 1:32.
Magnesia, also known as Epsom salt, will help make transplanting plants, if necessary, easily tolerated. Everyone who has at least once encountered gardening, working in the garden, or simply had houseplants that needed to be periodically transplanted into a larger pot, knows that transplanting is a huge stress for any plant. This stress is so serious that it can simply not endure it, but start to rot, dry out and die, never taking root in a new place.
Therefore, in order to avoid unpleasant consequences, before the transplant process, it is necessary to prepare the soil in a new place by mixing it with a teaspoon of magnesium sulfate. A similar life hack for giving can also be used before planting new plants on the site.

Watering plants without a host – Garden hacks and useful tips Part 9 + bonus video 1

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