Actors of Soviet cinema: how your favorite artists have changed

Actors of Soviet cinema: how your favorite artists have changed


These actors are the pride of the Soviet screen. They are talented, beautiful, charismatic, charming, they made us cry and smile. Read on Joy-pup how your favorite artists of Soviet cinema have changed.

Sergey Nikonenko

Sergey Nikonenko

Sergey Nikonenko – 80 years old on April 16, 2021. 

Sergei Nikonenko is a real lump of Russian cinema: actor, director, screenwriter. His film career began while studying at VGIK. The first films were “The Heart Does Not Forgive” and “Life First”. Then there were episodic and secondary roles, and finally, the main one – in the film “Shura chooses the sea”.

Any role is surprisingly easy for Sergey Nikonenko. He played Sergei Yesenin in the film “Sing a song, poet …”, the eccentric Vaska in the film “Strange People”, the collective farm machine operator Yakov Shugaev in “If you can, forgive me”, Nikolai Romakhin in the film “Tomorrow was a war”, Maxim Maksimych in the film ” Pechorin. A Hero of Our Time ”, an imperial detective agent in the movie“ Chinese Service ”.

Undoubtedly, you saw the artist in the TV series – “Kamenskaya”, “Pan or Lost”, “Guys from Our City”, “Count Krestovsky”, “Death of the Empire”, “Love as Love”, “Brothers”, “Mutiny”, “Doctor Richter-2 ”.

Sergei Nikonenko’s directorial work includes such iconic films of the 90s as “I Want Your Husband”, “Brunette for 30 Copecks”, “I Want to America”.

Sergei Nikonenko has been living in a third marriage with actress Ekaterina Voronina for more than 40 years. The only son of an acting couple – Nikanor lost his first wife. She died of cancer over 10 years ago. Their common son Peter is now being raised by Sergei Nikonenko and his wife.

Alexey Guskov

Actors of Soviet cinema: how favorite artists have changed 1

Alexey Guskov – May 20, 2021 turned 63.

The incredible, deep talent of this actor struck me for the first time in the eight-part film “Border. Taiga novel “. It is so believable to play a deceived husband, a smuggler, a psychopathic abuser Nikita – you have to be able to do that!

If you want to see the young Guskov, I advise you to see the pictures “Wild Beach”, “Wolfhound”, “Goryachev and others.” In the role of the district policeman Nezabudko, the actor starred in the TV series “Cafe Strawberry”. Then there were “Scavenger”, “Hope”, “Elephant”, Thin Ice “,” Ballerina “,” Tango Tanker “,” Red Manchurian Hunt “and dozens of other good films with Alexei Guskov in the title role.

The actor’s new work is in the film “The Seventh Symphony”, where he played the role of the head of the Bolshoi Symphony Orchestra, who gave a concert in besieged Leningrad.

Alexey Guskov was married twice. The actor married the first darling while still a student at the Moscow Art Theater School. They had a daughter, Natalya, but family life quickly went wrong. Now the former spouses maintain friendly relations. They have a common granddaughter, Lisa.

The second wife, actress Lydia Velezheva, gave birth to two sons to Guskov. The eldest son, Vladimir, already has a daughter, Stephanie.

In acting circles, there are always rumors about betrayals and novels of Alexei Guskov on the side. However, Lydia Velezheva herself refutes these conversations and says that her husband is an exemplary family man, a loving father and a wonderful grandfather.

Boris Nevzorov

Actors of Soviet cinema: how your favorite artists have changed 2

Boris Nevzorov – January 18, 2021 turned 71.

The actor, who made his debut in cinema right from the main role in the film “Roads”, nevertheless prefers the theater more. Boris Nevzorov loves the direct energy of the hall, contact with the audience, magic that is instantly transmitted from the artist to the audience. The actor calls cinema, as well as the modern way of communication via the Internet, a deception, compares it to putting together a puzzle.

Films thanks to which Boris Nevzorov woke up famous are bright and extraordinary, like the actor himself: “Young Russia” and “Moscow Speaks”. Then there were the paintings “Find and neutralize”, “The best road of our life”, “Paratroopers”, “Red fern”, “First guy”, “Ravines”, “Murder in the Sunshine Menor”, “Black stork”.

The actor pampered his fans with work in the series – “Kamenskaya”, “Dear Masha Berezina”, “New Russian Romance”, “Native People”, “Hot Ice”, “Mistress of the Taiga”, “Lavrova’s Method”, “My Big Family” …

New works of the actor – in the films “Dinosaur”, “Old Man”, “Kungur”.

The actor was officially married three times. The current, fourth, common-law wife Elena Khripunova, 25 years younger than the actor. Recently, his wife gave him a daughter, Anastasia.

The girl was named after the actress Anastasia Ivanova, the second wife of Boris Nevzorov. Ivanova was found murdered in her apartment on June 3, 1993. Boris Nevzorov was left alone with his little daughter Polina. Then an old student love appeared in his life – Alla Panova, who became his third wife.

Alexander Mikhailov

Actors of Soviet cinema: how your favorite artists have changed 3

Alexander Mikhailov – 77 years old on October 5, 2021.

Personally, I remember the actor Alexander Mikhailov most of all for the films “Love and Doves” “The Lonely Hostel is Provided”, “The Men”. However, this truly talented artist has played more than 100 roles in films, dozens of works in the theater, and also acted as a director, singer and musician.

It is difficult to find a person who would not have watched the picture “Love and Doves”, where Alexander Mikhailov masterly played the village peasant Vasily, who had a resort romance with the intelligent lady Raisa Zakharovna.

Also famous and beloved films with the participation of Alexander Mikhailov – “Admit Guilty”, “Snakes”, “Special Forces”, “The Enchanted Wanderer”, “With New Happiness!”, “Yesenin”, “Cruise”, “Manna from Heaven”, “Native blood”, “100 days of freedom”.

Alexander Mikhailov married twice, and both times for great love. The first wife of the actor was fellow student Vera Musatova. She gave birth to her husband a son, Constantine. After 30 years of marriage, the actor left his wife for the widow of actor Vladimir Vasiliev – Oksana, who is 23 years younger than him.

The second wife gave birth to the actor’s daughter Miroslav. Mikhailov also has an illegitimate daughter, Anastasia, who was born from the actor’s relationship with Olga Kuznetsova. Recently, Alexander Mikhailov said that he spent six months in the Institute of Emergency Medicine. Sklifosovsky, survived 2 lane operations. The actor connects this tragedy with his “mystical” role of Ivan the Terrible in the Maly Theater.

Boris Shcherbakov

Actors of Soviet cinema: how your favorite artists have changed 4

Boris Shcherbakov – December 11, 2021 will be 72 years old.

This fit and slender handsome man, who was adored and continues to adore by women, was not always gray-haired. Although personally I love him already “age” roles in the TV series “Soldiers” and “Border.” Taiga romance ”. The role of the soldier Boris Shcherbakov is very good. However, as well as the role of an investigator (“Code of Honor”, ​​“Detectives”), and a major of militia (“Dating House”), and a race car driver (“One in a Million”).

The actor also starred in comedies: “The third is not superfluous”, “Valentine’s Day”, “Hello, fools.” He played in films of completely different genres: “The investigation is being conducted by experts”, “Don’t part with your loved ones”, “Shore”. The actor’s new works are in the films “Ugly Girlfriend”, “Old Shots”, “Incubator”, “Kidnapped”, “Migratory Birds”.

Boris Shcherbakov is married to actress and writer Tatyana Bronzova. They have a son, Vasily. In his youth, Shcherbakov cheated on his wife: during the filming of the film “No One Will Replace You,” he had an affair with actress Lyudmila Nilskaya. The actor’s adventures were legendary. However, Tatyana Bronzova forgave her husband all his intrigues. In 2006, the wife of Boris Shcherbakov was diagnosed with cancer. The actor supported his wife and literally pulled her out of the afterlife.

Dmitry Pevtsov

Actors of Soviet cinema: how your favorite artists have changed 5

Dmitry Pevtsov – 58 years old on July 8, 2021.

Personally, I adore Dmitry Pevtsov as Cherny’s lawyer in the TV series “Gangster Petersburg”. However, this talented actor (and handsome man) had dozens of roles in wonderful films that have become classics of Russian cinema. Among them – “Queen Margot”, “Nicknamed“ The Beast ”,“ Dynasty of Colonel “N”, “Stop on demand”, “Kinship exchange”, “Turkish gambit”, “Sniper. Weapon of retaliation, “Lecturer”, “My Captain”, “About Love”, “To Paris …”, “Abricol”.

In addition to acting, Dmitry Pevtsov also teaches at the Institute of Contemporary Art with his wife Olga Drozdova. Since 2019, the actor has been in charge of the Department of Theater Arts.

The artist also took up politics. In 2021, Dmitry Pevtsov was elected a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation in a single-mandate district of Moscow. Member of the New People faction.

The singers are married to Olga Drozdova. They have a son Elisha. Also in his student years, Dmitry Pevtsov had a relationship with actress Larisa Blazhko. In 1990, their son Daniel was born. Unfortunately, as a result of an accident, the young man died at the age of 22.

Sergey Veksler

Actors of Soviet cinema: how your favorite artists have changed 6

Sergey Veksler – May 22, 2021 turned 60.

This brunette with a colorful and bright appearance often had to play brutal heroes. We love and know Sergei Veksler for his work in the “male” cinema – “Cavaliers of the Starfish”, “Male Work”, “Antikiller”, “To survive”, “Jaguar”, “Proposed Circumstances”, “SOBR”, “Two with pistols ”,“ I’m alive ”.

There are in the filmography of the actor and melodrama – “Others’ children”, “Do not dare say” Goodbye “,” Groom “and others. Sergei Veksler starred in Black Sea, a British-Russian thriller starring Jude Law.

The actor is in excellent physical shape, since childhood he was engaged in boxing, judo, swimming, karate. In his student years, Sergei Veksler courted Irina Apeksimova, but the mother of the future actress did not allow her to get married. The actor married the ballerina Yulia Sadovskaya. They have a son, Ilya.

Igor Livanov

Actors of Soviet cinema: how your favorite artists have changed 7

Igor Livanov – November 15, 2021 will be 68 years old.

This actor was remembered by the audience for such films as “Mercedes leaves the chase”, “Report from the line of fire”, “Thirty” – to destroy! officers ”,“ The Godson ”,“ It happens ”,“ Love of all ages … ”,“ Don Juan is a virgin ”,“ Anatomy of a murder-4 ”.

The actor has a very rich filmography – he starred in more than 80 films, worked in a theater in Moscow and Rostov, participated in the TV projects “The Last Hero” and “King of the Ring”.

However, Igor Livanov’s personal life is full of tragedies and losses. His first wife, actress Tatyana Piskunova, died with her daughter Olga during a crash at the Kamenskaya station.

The second wife, Irina, was 12 years younger than Livanov. They met when Ira was still studying at the institute and was going to marry another guy. However, Irina chose her teacher Igor Livanov. They had a son, Andrei. Soon Irina fell in love again – with the actor Sergei Bezrukov and left Igor Livanov for him. The son of Igor and Irina died suddenly of heart failure in 2015. The third wife of Igor Livanov, Olga, has nothing to do with the world of cinema. She is a lawyer. The wife gave the actor two sons.

Alexander Baluev

Actors of Soviet cinema: how your favorite artists have changed 8

Alexander Baluev – December 6, 2021 will be 63 years old.

This bright representative of Russian cinema is familiar to viewers from such films as “Muslim”, “Spetsnaz”, “On the other side of the wolves”, “Nina. Payback for Love ”,“ Maroseyka, 12 ”,“ Recluse ”,“ Bless the Woman ”,“ Evening Bells ”,“ Death of the Empire ”,“ Hunt for Red Manchurian ”, Kandahar,“ Zhukov ”.

Personally, I cannot choose in which role I like the actor more – as a fearless crew commander from the movie “Kandahar” or still in the image of a deceived husband from the movie “Indy”.

In any case, Alexander Baluev magically manages to embody any role – brutal, dramatic, criminal. But best of all, the actor plays “the military – handsome, hefty.” Perhaps this is due to the fact that immediately after the Moscow Art Theater School, he served in the Theater of the Soviet Army.

By the way, since the late nineties, Baluev has repeatedly participated in Hollywood films, playing exclusively the role of Russian officers. But he refused a career in Hollywood. I didn’t want to label myself with the same type of heroes.

The actor does not like to talk about his personal life, rarely gives interviews. Alexander Baluev was married to Polish journalist Maria Urbanovskaya. At the time of their acquaintance, the woman already had two children. She accepted the courtship of a Russian actor and soon married him. The couple had a daughter, Maria-Anna.

A year after the birth of the baby, this international marriage broke up, Maria and her daughter left for Poland.

Vladimir Zaitsev

Vladimir Zaitsev

Vladimir Zaitsev – 63 years old on September 28, 2021.

This versatile actor has played over 100 film roles. For the first time I saw him in the old Soviet film “Take Alive”, in the role of a scout. A stately, handsome brunette with a velvet voice – this is how I remember him in that film.

By the way, the voice of Vladimir Zaitsev is recognizable thanks to his work at the Pioneer FM radio station. The actor has also voiced many Hollywood films. It is in his voice that Jason Statham and Robert Downey Jr. speak Russian.

New domestic films with the participation of Vladimir Zaitsev – “Red Zone”, “Ghost”, “An hour before dawn”. The release of the paintings “Elizabeth”, “Idealist”, “Cardboard Pier” is also expected.

The actor has been happily married to actress Tatyana Shumova for over 20 years. At the time of their acquaintance, both lovers were married, Tatyana had an 8-year-old daughter.

However, the lovers explained themselves with their already former second halves and began to live together. After the birth of their common son Ivan, Vladimir and Tatiana signed.

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