What were and how famous actresses of the world cinema have been and how have they changed?

What were and how famous actresses of the world cinema have been and how have they changed?


These actresses were idols for men and women, trendsetters and beauty icons. For some, their glory has remained in the past, while others are still shining on the screens, bathing in popularity and adoration of fans. Read on Joy-pup how famous world cinema actresses have changed.

Angelina Jolie

What were and how famous actresses of world cinema have been and how have they changed 1

Angelina Jolie – 46 years old on June 4, 2021.

An actress, model, activist and just a beauty – this is exactly the characteristic that would be suitable for Angelina Jolie. In addition to her acting career, she is a mother of many children, film director, screenwriter, philanthropist and UN Goodwill Ambassador.

Her first steps in show business began on the catwalk, then there were shooting in low-budget films, participation in the film “George Wallace”, three Golden Globes in a row, “Oscar” (for the film “Girl, Interrupted”) and, finally, world love and glory after the painting “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider”.

As we know, after the release of the film “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” the beauty Angelina took Brad Pitt out from under Jennifer Aniston’s nose and began to row money with a shovel.

Sadly, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s stellar marriage fell apart in 2016. The couple have six children: three of them are adopted. Before Pitt, the actress also had 2 short marriages with film partners.

Angelina Jolie was often at the epicenter of rumors and scandals, which she herself fueled with her statements. Either the beauty talked about her bisexuality, then she phoned the press that she had removed her ovaries due to the high risk of developing cancer. When Angelina was still a teenager and her face did not know either Botox or plastic surgery, the future star was terribly complex because of her appearance, manner of dressing and excessive thinness.

Scarlett Johansson

What were and how famous actresses of world cinema have changed 2

Scarlett Johansson – November 22, 2021 turns 37.

Today we know and love this blonde beauty, first of all for her participation in the films Loki, The Avengers, Black Widow , Iron Man. However, the beauty Johansson (by the way, her maternal ancestors are Jews, immigrants from Poland and Belarus) is able to display any role on the screen. She starred in comedies (“Bad Girls”, “Chef on Wheels”), action films (“Lucy”), thrillers (“Stay in My Skin”, “The Island”), dramas (“Black Orchid”, “Marriage Story” as well as in black comedies, science fiction, crime, historical films.

The personal life of the actress is as rich as her creative activity. Scarlett Johansson is credited with having affairs with Mark Wahlberg and Justin Timberlake, the beauty dated Jared Leto and Benicio del Toro.

Scarlett Johansson was married to actor Ryan Reynolds for 2 years, and then she married journalist Romain Doriac for 3 years. In this marriage, the actress had a daughter, Rose Dorothy Doriac.

Now the actress is in her third marriage with comedian Colin Jost. On August 18, 2021, the couple had a son, Cosmo. Recently it was reported that the actress is filming the film “Asteroid City”, which has already started filming in Spain.

Demmy Moor

What were and how famous actresses of world cinema have changed 3

Demi Moore – November 11, 2021 turns 59.

This beauty is known for the films “Ghost”, “Striptease”, “A Few Nice Guys”, “Soldier Jane”, “Indecent Proposal”, “Exposure”, “If the Walls Could Talk.”

The actress has no Oscar statuettes, but has three beautiful daughters from Bruce Willis. Die Hard was the actress’s second husband from 1987 to 2000. Now the former spouses maintain friendly relations, publish joint photos on Instagram and even spent several days together in quarantine. Demi is also friends with Bruce’s current wife and often admires her.

Demi Moore’s first husband was rock musician Freddie Moore. He gave his ex a harmonious surname. Nee Demi was Demetria Gynes. After her third husband, Ashton Kutcher, who was 15 years her junior, the actress has been depressed and addicted to Vicodin for some time.

Now the actress acts in independent films (“Corporate Animals”, “Brave New World”), spends a lot of time with her daughters, participates in fashion shows. For example, during the demonstration of the Fendi SS 2021 collection, Demi Moore appeared with makeup that literally disfigured her face . The fans had already thought about the unsuccessful plastic, but then Demi Moore explained that it was her image.

Now the actress now and then delights fans and paparazzi with her chic figure, rejuvenated appearance and dresses with a deep neckline. Bravo, Demi!

Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver – 72 years old on October 8, 2021.

It’s hard to believe that this actress, who brilliantly played in the sci-fi horror series “Alien”, is already 72! She looks great, and with her work in Hollywood, she will put any young beauty in her belt.

The start of her acting career for Sigourney Weaver was more than successful – she made her debut in Woody Allen’s film “Annie Hall”. True, the actress had a small cameo role for 6 seconds and a 50 bucks fee there.

2 years after her debut, Sigourney Weaver became known throughout the world for her role as the fearless lieutenant Ellen Ripley in the movie Alien. The actress’s fees have grown significantly – for her work in the last part of Alien, Sigourney Weaver received $ 11 million.

The actress also starred in the sequels to Alien, in the films Business Girl, Snow Pie, Bad Fame, Heartbreakers, Avatar, Prayers for Bobby, Red Lights. We look forward to seeing the actress appear in the new Avatar, Mister Gardener and the sequel to the Ghostbusters: Heirs franchise .

Sigourney Weaver’s absolutely excellent new film “My Year in New York,” which the actress herself called “a comedy of mores,” was released recently. The actress is married to director Jim Simpson, they have a daughter, Charlotte Simpson. The actress gave birth to Charlotte in 1990, at the age of 41.

Carrie Fisher

What were and how famous actresses of world cinema have changed 4

Carrie Fisher – 10/21/1956 – 12/27. 2016

Actress Carrie Fisher is known not only for the role of the legendary Princess Leia from the movie “Star Wars”. She was also a screenwriter and talented writer. The film of the same name starring Meryl Streep was released based on Carrie Fisher’s novel Postcards from the Edge of the Abyss. Also, the actress wrote several more works of fiction, acted as the author of the script for the films “Hook”, “Lethal Weapon-3” and “Sisters in Misfortune”.

A month before her death, the actress published a book of her memoirs “The Princess Diary”, where she talked about the filming in the movie “Star Wars” and about her short romance with Harrison Ford.

The actress had bipolar disorder, which she regularly wrote about in her column for The Guardian. In one of her books, Carrie Fisher said that she dreams of such an obituary: “She drowned in the moonlight, strangled by her own bra.” The obituaries did indeed use this phrase to honor the actress after her death.

After the departure of Carrie Fisher, 2 more parts of “Star Wars” and the picture “Surprisingly Good” came out of life. The actress is survived by a daughter, Billy Lourdes, known for her participation in the American Horror Story series and several episodes of Star Wars. In 2020, Billy Lourdes gave birth to a son, who was named Kingston Fisher Lourdes Rydell.

Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren – 87 years old on September 20, 2021.

The legend of Italian, as well as world cinema, began her ascent to the star Olympus with beauty contests. At one of them, the future actress met film producer Carlo Ponti, who later became her husband. Ponty first filmed his muse in dubious pictures of an erotic nature.

By the mid-1950s, Sophia Loren became a screen star in Italy, and in 1962 she received the first Oscar in history for Best Actress in a Foreign Language Film (Chochara). In 1991, the actress also received an honorary Oscar for “a career rich in memorable roles.”

There were really many such roles that made world cinema brighter, better, more interesting. Sophia Loren played in such films as “The Gold of Naples”, “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”, “Italian Marriage”, “Pride and Passion”, “The Devil in Pink Tights”, “It Started in Naples”, “Millionaires ”,“ Haute couture ”,“ Nine ”,“ Sunflowers ”. The actress also starred in Charlie Chaplin’s latest film, The Countess from Hong Kong.

Life Ahead is the newest film starring Sophia Loren. The film was directed by her youngest son Edoardo Ponti. Sophia Loren’s eldest son Carlo Ponti Jr. lives in the United States and works as a conductor.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts – 54 years old on October 28, 2021.

Inimitable actress with the most beautiful smile in Hollywood. The legendary “beauty” who inspired many women to believe in themselves. The story of Julia Roberts, like her heroine from the movie Pretty Woman, resembles a fairy tale about Cinderella. Of course, Julia did not slow down luxurious cars on the track, like her heroine Vivienne. But like her, Roberts was born into a poor family and immediately after school came to New York from a small town.

The first film, after which Julia Roberts began to be recognized, was the painting “Steel Magnolias”. And right after it there was a real triumph of the film “Pretty Woman” and work with Richard Gere on the same set.

This was followed by several roles in “serious” films, including the drama “In Bed with the Enemy”, where Julia played a woman who escaped from her abuser husband. But personally, I remember the actress most of all for filming in the romantic comedies Runaway Bride, Best Friend’s Wedding, Notting Hill. Oscar-winning for Julia was her role in the biopic Erin Brockovich.

Then there were such successful films as “Intimacy”, “August: Osage County” “Eat, Pray, Love”, “Mystery in Their Eyes”, “Ocean’s Eleven”, “Obnoxious Ladies”, “Financial Monster”, “Miracle” , “Homecoming”.

The actress lives happily in her second marriage with cinematographer Daniel Moder. The couple have three teenage children. Julia Roberts recently traveled to Sydney to film the new romantic comedy Ticket to Heaven in Queensland.

Kim Basinger

Kim Basinger

Kim Basinger – December 8, 2021 turns 68.

They did not expect? The beautiful blonde from the movie “Nine and a half weeks” has already come close to retirement. However, it seems that such a word is not familiar to her. Kim Basinger is pretty, elegant and very energetic. Fans and paparazzi keep talking about her plastic surgeries, discussing whether or not she had an affair with the singer Prince in 1989, and I just continue to admire her!

Kim Basinger’s career began with beauty pageants and modeling. The first movie roles were not entirely successful. But then the beauty Kim starred for “Playboy” and offers from the directors poured out as if from a bucket. Bond girl in Never Say Never, seductive Elizabeth in Nine and a Half Weeks, Batman’s girlfriend in Tim Burton’s cult superhero film – this is how we know and love Kim Basinger.

The actress received her awards “Oscar” and “Golden Globe” for her shooting in the film “Secrets of Los Angeles”. Kim also appeared in such films as “8 Mile”, “The Double Life of Charlie Sun Cloud,” “Slaughter Revenge,” “Fifty Shades Darker,” “Fifty Shades of Freedom.”

Kim Basinger has been married twice. The first husband of the actress was makeup artist Ron Britton. With her second husband, actor Alec Baldwin, Kim had a daughter, Ireland, who also became an actress. Kim Basinger is a vegetarian, advocates for the ethical treatment of animals and does not wear fur on principle.

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet – 46 years old on October 5, 2021.

The beautiful aristocrat Rose in the movie “Titanic”. Amazing Clementine in the painting “Eternal Sunshine of the Quiet Mind”. Resolute April Wheeler in Road to Change. In such roles, the British actress Kate Winslet was most remembered and won the hearts of the audience. “Oscar” for a very long time eluded literally from under the nose of the actress, and only in 2009 she managed to get the coveted statuette for her role in the film “The Reader”.

The actress has played in films of different genres: drama, comedy, tragicomedy, voiced animation films. The most famous paintings with the participation of Kate Winslet – “Massacre”, “Exchange Vacation”, “Labor Day”, “Steve Jobs”, “Haute Couture Revenge”, “Mountains Between Us”, “Contagion”, “Meir of Easttown”. We are also looking forward to the release of the movie “Avatar 2”, in which one of the roles was played by Kate Winslet.

From her first marriage to director Jim Tripleton, the actress has a daughter, Mia. She, like her mother, acts in films. With her second husband, filmmaker Sam Mendes, Kate Winslet had a son, Joe Alfie Winslet Mendes.

The star lives in her third happy marriage with millionaire Edward Abel Smith, with whom she is raising her son Bear Blaze Winslet. Keith Winslet is a committed vegetarian and active supporter of PETA and advocates for the ethical treatment of animals. The actress accepts herself as she is, has a negative attitude towards plastic surgery and does not go on diets.

Gillian Anderson

What were and how famous actresses of world cinema have changed 5

Gillian Anderson – 53 years old on August 9, 2021.

The most handsome FBI agent in the history of American cinema. This is probably how Gillian Anderson plays Agent Scully on The X-Files. Her partner on the set was David Duchovny, with whom she had a strained relationship during the work process. Naturally, for the 218 episodes filmed, the actors managed to get bored with each other!

Nevertheless, the series “The X-Files” has managed to become a favorite for many fans of science fiction. Based on the series, two feature films were also filmed.

By the way, Gillian Anderson starred in several more successful TV series – “Crown”, “Sex Education”, “Great”, “American Gods”. The actress also starred in feature films: “Agent Johnny English: Reboot”, “UFO”, “The Spy Who Dumped Me”, “Sun in the Night”.

Whatever the tabloids write, Gillian Anderson has never had a romantic relationship with David Duchovny. The actress was married twice. She has a daughter, Piper Maru, from her first marriage to Clyde Klotz. The baby appeared during the filming of The X-Files. Then the director of the series Chris Carter gave Jill only 10 days off, after which the actress returned to work.

The second marriage of the actress – with director Julian Osein broke up 16 months after a wonderful wedding on Lamu Island. In a relationship with Mark Griffiths, the star had two sons. The actress also had an affair with screenwriter Peter Morgan.

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