Mysterious underwater statues to take a selfie with

Mysterious underwater statues to take a selfie with


If you say that you want to travel the world to see the most famous monuments or statues, then no one will be surprised. Now it is fashionable to visit statues from the underwater world. And believe me, there is also something to see and against which to take a selfie!

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MUSA – Museo Subacuatico de Arte.That’s a lot people

“Ocean Atlant” – the largest underwater sculpture in the world

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Artist Jason deCaires Taylor deliberately sank his creation to the bottom of the ocean near the Bahamas. Unlike other artifacts that have sunk by chance, the Ocean Atlas at the bottom is a piece of contemporary art.

The statue in the form of a girl, about 6 m high and weighing 60 tons, is made of pH-neutral materials. Its purpose is to distract divers from coral reefs, thus protecting them from destruction. The special cement from which it is made can be under water for hundreds of years. Therefore, over time, Atlant will turn into an artificial reef and acquire a new bizarre shape.

And depending on the height of the tides, sometimes you can observe the reflection of the sculpture on the water. The sight is creepy.

Beautiful 272 kg stranger underwater – Amphitrite statue near Grand Cayman

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In Greek mythology, the sea goddess Amphitrite was the wife of Poseidon. She was also considered the personification of the sea in general and the mother of seals and dolphins. Finding an underwater mermaid is easy: just dive to a depth of 15 meters and swim 50 meters from the shore. The statue was sent underwater in 2000. But there is another sculpture made by the same master. An identical statue of a mermaid named the Emerald Princess was installed in Powell River in March 1989. Both mermaids are popular with divers.

The statue of the Keeper of the Reef, which is located at about. Grand Cayman

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If you want to get yourself good luck, you will have to sink to the bottom of the ocean. Only by kissing the statue of the Guardian, you will get good luck in all your endeavors. This is the latest sculpture by Simon Morris to be installed underwater to promote underwater tourism and environmental awareness. Divers from all over the world come to see two famous mermaids, the Emerald Princess in Colombia and the Amphitrite in Grand Cayman, as well as the first Guardian Reef.

Underwater museum in Cancun, Mexico

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If you want to indulge your imagination, then spare no expense and go to the underwater sculpture museum. The collection has been replenished with works by various artists since 2009. Under the water you will see cars, statues standing alone and whole groups. Some sculptures make you think, others make you laugh. The sea is already so accustomed to foreign bodies that most of them are overgrown with corals and inhabited by fish.

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If you want to feel real euphoria, then go down under the water and watch the sunlight light up the statues. Jason de Caires Taylor is to be thanked for such a masterpiece. The master created an underwater museum of many sculptures. An underwater installation off the coast of the Mexican city of Cancun consists of more than 450 life-size sculptures.

Christ from the Abyss in the waters of the Italian Riviera

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Back in 1947, Dario Gonzatti died in these places. He was a diver. During one of the scuba dives, a misfortune happened to him. Today there is a monument there. This is a 2.5-meter bronze statue of Christ, which is lowered to a depth of 10 m. The author is the Italian sculptor Guido Galletti. Christ prays for all divers, asking for mercy from the sea. It is a memorial to all those who died at sea. It is popular with freedivers and scuba divers as everyone wants to honor their fallen colleagues.

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Christ from the Abyss was lowered to the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea in 1954. In addition to the original, there are two more copies of the sculpture. One has been off the coast of Key Largo, Florida since 1965. Another bronze sculpture was sunk off the coast of St. George’s, Grenada in 1961. It was a gift from Italy as a token of gratitude for the help rendered by the inhabitants in rescuing the crew and passengers of the burning Italian ship.

Underwater grotto, Bohol, Philippines

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In the city of Bien Unido, Bohol, the government was considering installing giant statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Santo Niño, not so much to develop the tourism industry as to conserve natural resources. In 2010, the 4-meter sculptures of the Virgin Mary and young Jesus were flooded. They were supposed to remind that God also created the sea.

In the beginning, it was an original way of dealing with illegal fishing methods such as using dynamite. But over time, Bohol became a place of underwater pilgrimage.

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