What to wear with wide jeans: a selection of the best ideas 2021

What to wear with wide jeans: a selection of the best ideas 2021


Leggings and skinny jeans are gradually replaced from the fashionable Olympus by wide jeans, that give women freedom of choice and comfort in movement. Read our article on Joy-pup to learn what they are like and what this model should be worn with.

Wide jeans 2021: fashion trends and the hottest styles of the season

Let’s start with the most current trend of 2021, according to which modern designers sew denim clothes from vintage models. In other words, they alter what someone has already worn. The recycling of used clothing in English is called reworking. This trend is very popular in the West. The stars of street style and world catwalks are happy to wear reworked denim and shine in it at fashion weeks in Paris and Milan.

Широкие джинсы 2020
©kseniaschnaider / Instagram

Fortunately, home designers are already making cool trousers out of recycled denim. And wide models keep the lead here as they use the most fabric.

широкие джинсы женские
широкие джинсы женские 2020
С чем носить широкие джинсы: подборка лучших идей 2020 1
ношу широкие джинсы

Another fashion trend of 2021 is a denim total look, the real decoration of which are wide jeans models. These trousers look great with a denim crop top, a jacket or a blazer.

модный тренд 2020 года
джинсы с широкой талией

The famous model Bella Hadid has just recently appeared on the streets of Paris in wide baggy jeans with side pockets, a shirt and a denim raincoat.


Another denim “hit” of the season is a loose denim jumpsuit.

комбинезон деним
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Those who have no idea which fashionable jeans to choose, wide or skinny, can try on an asymmetrical model. That’s what Celine Dion did, striking her fans all of a heap with jeans from Ukrainian designers.

Селин Дион

Wide leg jeans: which ones to choose?

The fashion for wide jeans was introduced by representatives of the hippie generation in the 60s and 70s of the last century. Today, these trendy pants are back at the peak of their popularity. Insta divas wear them, creating non-trivial and creative looks with wide jeans.

Джинсы широкого кроя
светлые джинсы
высокие широкие джинсы

By the way, this model has got several variations:

  • wide hip-huggers that fit tightly on the hips and waist, and then widen out;
  • baggy jeans ;
  • extremely wide models – wide leg jeans;
  • wide denim culottes;
  • straight models of wide jeans.

Also, wide jeans can have a high, medium or low waistline

Who do wide leg jeans suit?

Loose models suit absolutely all girls. They add volume to short and slender ones, and help overweight girls make the silhouette more symmetrical. Wide jeans are most suitable for the owners of the “rectangle”, “hourglass” and “inverted triangle” body shapes. Short girls should wear shoes with platform or heels to match wide models.

Кому идут широкие джинсы
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High-waist loose jeans visually lengthen the legs and hide the belly. Shorties shouldn’t choose cropped models because they will make them look even shorter.

С чем носить широкие джинсы: подборка лучших идей 2020 2
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Straight and slightly flared models of wide jeans are suitable for full-figured girls.

расклешенные модели широких джинсов

What should be high-waist wide leg jeans worn with?

These jeans are especially popular in winter because a shirts, turtlenecks or even sweaters can be tucked in them.

С чем носить широкие джинсы с высокой талией
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You don’t need to wear tight-fitting or cropped clothing with wide jeans. Long coats, raincoats and oversized jackets create a perfect match with these models.

©kseniaschnaider / Instagram

What to wear with baggy jeans?

These jeans models, wide and baggy along the entire length, are combined with oversized sweaters or T-shirts that are tucked under the belt. Cropped tops, tight turtlenecks, polo necks and loose-fitting shirts also look great with wide jeans.

С чем носить широкие джинсы baggy jeans
широкие джинсы с высокой талией
с чем носить широкие джинсы
черные джинсы

Classic-cut coats and trench coats are suitable for wide jeans. Following street style stars, add contrasting bags and sneakers to your outfit.

What to wear with wide leg jeans?

These stylish jeans are combined with fashionable jackets, pullovers and sweaters in the season of 2021.

белые широкие джинсы
С чем носить широкие джинсы wide leg

When choosing a top for ultra-wide jeans, avoid wearing too bright T-shirts so that they don’t distract attention from the main element, which are trousers.

черный пиджак
синие джинсы

What should be worn with low and mid-waist wide leg trousers?

The low waist is back. Modern fashionistas wear low and mid-rise trousers combined with thin cardigans, cropped jackets and crop tops.

белла хадид
кофта цвета фуксия
как называются широкие джинсы

What to wear with wide jeans-pipes?

Jeans-pipes are suitable for creating business, casual and evening looks. Wear these models with fancy blouses and heels when heading to work or on a date. Comfortable shoes or sneakers are suitable for casual looks.

С чем носить широкие джинсы-трубы
Джинсы-трубы 2020
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What to wear with wide cropped jeans?

In 2021, jeans culottes burst into fashion. These wide models, mid-calf length, are worn with  polo necks, denim and cotton shirts and fashionable blazers. To lengthen your silhouette, wear heels with culottes.

С чем носить широкие укороченные джинсы
широкие черные джинсы
широкие джинсы фото

In the spring and summer of 2021, straight and flared models of cropped trousers are also relevant.

джинсы с широкой талией женские
широкие модные джинсы
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Colored cropped models: trend of 2021

Cropped jeans in light green, pink and white have become a real hit in spring-summer season 2021. They are combined with a bright contrasting top or worn with black and white shirts and T-shirts.

Цветные укороченные модели
Цветные укороченные модели
розовые укороченные модели
широкие завышенные джинсы

What shoes to wear with wide jeans?

Loose  jeans are worn with massive shoes – boots, loafers, platform sneakers. Also, wide trousers go well with dress shoes and heeled sandals.

С какой обувью носить широкие джинсы
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The most fashionable combination of 2021 is wide cropped jeans and cowboy boots.

широкие джинсы с высокой талией женские
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A few more stylish photos showing how to combine wide jeans with different shoes.

широкие зауженные джинсы
широкие зауженные джинсы
подвороты на широких джинсах
широкие джинсы с завышенной талией
черный деним
©__mmaxinewylde / Instagram

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